January Favourites

As always, January was a long and gloomy month, with cloudy days and lots of rain – but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t full of great things.

So, here’s a few of my favourite products, apps, tech, and more, from the month of January.

1 – Canon EOS M3
In early January, I decided it was time to buy myself a “proper camera” to capture everything, starting now!
  I’m not very familiar with camera usage or terminology, and I’m easily confused by it all, but I’m looking forward to learning throughout the year. I’ve taken a good few photos already, so you can head over to my Instagrams to see those!

2 – Canon Companion and Canon Camera Connect Apps
As well as buying my camera, I downloaded the suggested apps to go with it, and they’ve really enhanced my experience with my camera so far.
  The Canon Companion gives you tips and challenges based on your skill level and allows you to learn how to use your camera the best you can – which, for a beginner like me, is incredibly useful. 
  The Canon Camera Connect app allows you to connect your phone to your camera’s WiFi, and download all your images at just one click of a button – which is a lifesaver for getting things saved quickly, or uploaded to Instagram. It also allows you to use your phone as your camera screen and take photos via your phone – which is pretty interesting too.

3 – Sleep Cycle
Another app I’ve been loving for the past year, is Sleep Cycle, an app which tracks your sleeping patterns using the microphone on your phone when you sleep. I don’t know why I love it so much, but I find all the stats and information so interesting to look back on, and I love that the alarm wakes me up gradually when I’m at the lightest point in my cycle. 
  I even got a month’s free premium trial for the month of January, and I’ve been loving the additional features that it gives me.

4 – The iPhone 7 Plus
In Mid-January, I was due for an upgrade on my phone. I did a little bit of research and opted for the iPhone 7 Plus in Rose Gold, despite being a little apprehensive about just how “plus” it would be. 
  I’ve been pleasantly surprised though, and I’m loving having a bigger phone, with a better camera than my old one.

5 – Tisserand Lavender Rollerball Essential Oil
My sister managed to get me into essential oils last year, but when I was looking for this one specifically, I couldn’t find it in my local store (so I picked up the body oil instead).
   A few weeks ago, however, I stumbled across this one in Holland and Barrett and purchased it straight away. This essential oil is absolutely incredible. By applying just a little bit to my temples, wrists, and jaw, I’m asleep within five minutes! It’s also great for period pains if you roll it on your stomach.
   I’m in love with this product and will be purchasing the roller ball in the other fragrances too.

6 – Luckies of London Scratch World Map
My mum bought me the scratch world map in December for Christmas, and I bought a white poster frame from HMV and got scratching! I loved how easy it was to scratch the places off, and how inspiring it is for planning where I want to travel to next!

7 – Yes To’s Cotton Micellar Water
I used to use Garnier’s Micellar Water until I made the switch to cruelty-free products, and so I needed to find a new favourite…and I did! I much prefer using the pump as opposed to just pouring the product onto a cotton pad, and the cotton scent is lovely! 
  It does a great job of removing my makeup, and I much prefer it to Garnier’s.

8 – Brooklyn Nine Nine
My boyfriend and I watched Season’s 1 to 3 last year and were devastated when we realised Season 4 wasn’t on Netflix yet. They eventually added Season 4 in early January, and we finished it in just two days…oops?
   Season 4 has left us with an even bigger cliffhanger (which is an absolute nightmare) – but we loved this season and series so much, and we can’t wait for the next one.

9 – Lonely Planet
I started an apprenticeship in a travel agency back in October, and have been using Lonely Planet as a resource for my assignment’s research – and it’s been amazing! It’s also been great to read personally and has inspired some travel ideas for the future. 
  They also have an app which is great for reading on the go, and some physical books which I’ve asked for as birthday presents…so hopefully I’ll have a review on those by next month.

10 – Book of the Month: It by Stephen King
I’ve been reading this book since December last year, and it’s taking me a pretty long time as it’s 1,300+ pages long, but I’m getting through it and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I also enjoyed the film which came out last year, and I ended up buying it on DVD a couple of weeks ago too. 
   Hopefully, I’ll finish this by the end of February, but we’ll see! 

So that’s it for my January Monthly Favourites, so let me know if you have any favourite products from this month, too!

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