Walker Stalker Con London 2018 – Day 2

If you haven’t read my post on Walker Stalker Day 1, make sure you give it a read and come back here after!

March 11th marked the second and final day of Walker Stalker.
  Though we weren’t looking forward to our weekend being over, we were looking forward to this day in particular, as we had a photo op with Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the afternoon! More on that later!

Our first meet and greet of the day was with Sarah Wayne Callies, who was so, so sweet. Jodie and I split the cost of a selfie again, had a chat about how Sarah felt about something that happened on the show (I won’t spoil anything if you’re catching up!), and then we left.

Jodie was keen on meeting Alanna Masterson, however, her selfies were a little more on the expensive side, so I was unsure. I queued with her anyway, and about ten minutes in I thought “What the hell, take my money!” and so I chipped in my half and joined in.
  Toby and Ashley stood to the side holding our bags, and we joked that we didn’t want them with us, which prompted Alanna to call them both over for a separate selfie with her – which was really lovely for them, as they felt much more included!

Between meeting people, we wandered around the convention stalls again, looking at all the artwork, merchandise, and other cool things they were selling.
  Toby bought me a super cute Lucille pin badge, which I have added to the collection of pin badges on the strap of my camera bag!

Before we knew it, it was time to queue for our Jeffrey photo op! The queue took its time because of the number of photos they sold, but we were too excited to even count the time it was taking.
  Jodie and I could not believe that we were actually meeting Jeffrey, even though we couldn’t meet him at his table as we had originally hoped due to the number of VIP attendees.
  Within about an hour and a half, we were in the photo op room, watching the few people in front of us meet Jeffrey – and it was so lovely to watch.

Unfortunately, the photographers, security, and volunteers were all being very abrupt and rude to both Jeffrey and the fans.
  I had been reading tweets throughout the weekend about how fans were being pulled away from Jeffrey the second the photo was over, not even getting a chance to hug him or say goodbye.
  The photographers were not allowing poses (although Jeffrey ignored them and posed anyway), and the atmosphere was just brought down so much by that.

Jodie and I felt a little down about it, but the second we got into our photo with Jeffrey, the mood lightened and he made sure that we felt acknowledged and really made it an experience, despite the interaction only being a few seconds long.
  I thought that was so lovely of Jeffrey, and I really appreciated him taking the time with everyone even when he was being yelled at for it.
  Before we left, Jeffrey told us he loved us, and…cue the tears.

Yes, yes. When Jeffrey told me he loved me, I cried. Okay?

We collected our photo print out and purchased another one so we had one each, then headed upstairs to meet Toby and Ashley, who had saved us seats in the Chandler Riggs, Danai Gurira, and Sarah Wayne Callies panel.
  For a while, we stayed and watched, but eventually, we were so hungry, so we went and found ourselves a hot dog stand!

With our energy restored, we headed back downstairs and into the line to meet Khary Payton.
  An hour or so in, Ashley and I left to wander around the stalls and rejoined the line again a little while later.
  We waited perhaps another hour, and then met Khary. Jodie and I split the selfie costs again and got some really lovely selfies with him. Khary was such a kind person and was really great to meet, so I’m glad we got that opportunity!

After meeting Khary, it was very nearly time to leave, but I was desperate to buy an art print before I left.
  I was set on getting a Negan print, but for some reason, all the ones I saw just looked a little…off? None of them were perfect, and so I ended up buying a print from Scott Spillman – a black and white Ezekiel picture!
  Since being home, I have put this up in a frame on my wall and it looks amazing! I’m so happy I found it instead of just leaving empty-handed.

The end of the day was bittersweet, as we were all so tired but none of us really wanted the weekend to be over, to go back to our day to day lives.
  We got the train back to my Grandad’s apartment, ordered a Nando’s, watched Moana, and got ready for bed.

Before bed, I packed up most of my things and cleared up any mess ready to go home in the morning.

This year’s Walker Stalker was honestly amazing, despite the ups and downs. Hopefully, you’ll see another post like this next year!

If you could meet any actor/actress, who would you choose and why? Let me know down in the comments!

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