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#PlasticFreeJuly – An Introduction

Plastic Free July is a movement created by the Plastic Free July Foundation, who are an independent not-for-profit organisation.
 Their mission is to “build a global movement that dramatically reduces plastic use and improves recycling”, in hopes that one day we will become a “world without plastic waste”.
  Their campaigns and efforts raise awareness of the plastic waste problem, and encourages people to change their behaviour and make better, more sustainable choices.

Using the hashtags #ChooseToRefuse and #PlasticFreeJuly, they ask for people to address “one of the world’s greatest environmental challenges” – plastic waste.

This July, I will be joining in to spread awareness of our plastic problem by posting a series of blog posts all to do with plastic waste and living a more Eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle, as I believe reducing our plastic usage and waste will hugely benefit our planet.

I started my transition into a more Eco-friendly lifestyle over a year ago when I began using only cruelty-free products. More recently, I have been ditching plastic and single-use products,  instead buying things made from sustainable materials, and that are reusable.
  The journey can sometimes be difficult, where convenience battles with conscience, however every step I take to a more Eco-friendly lifestyle, is a huge step towards helping our planet.

Stay tuned for my posts coming later this month, talking about plastic product alternatives, and how to reduce your plastic waste.
  In the meantime, read through some of my other Eco posts here!

Plastic Free July - Say No to Single Use Plastic 300ppi

What will you be doing this July to reduce your plastic waste?


My Eco-Friendly Wishlist (2).png


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