‘Heather’s Review & Day in Chichester

On Wednesday, I spent half my day in Chichester taking my boyfriend to his college enrolment day, and the other half in London seeing ‘Heathers’ the Musical.
  The day overall was a messy mix of good, bad, and amazing – so I figured it was definitely worth writing about!

Here’s what I did in Chichester whilst Toby was at college, and what I thought of ‘Heathers’!

By 9am, we had arrived, and I showed Toby where to go before making my way into the town to do some shopping.
   I knew I needed a couple more Summer-y clothes for our trip to Cornwall, so I headed to New Look where I bought a plain black tee, and a beautiful black floral print button up. 
  From there, I went to Superdrug and bought the St Tropez Gradual Tan lotion (as I’m pale as fuck, and could really do with looking a little less corpse-like on holiday…and in general).

Chi 5

When I’m in any town that has a Lush, I have to go in, but this time I did actually need to stock up on my Tea Tree Toner…and I may have lacked the self-control needed to not buy the Baby Turtle bath bomb too. Oops?

Chi 2

Then, still with hours left to kill before Toby was finished with his enrolment, I headed to Waterstones hoping to find a book to buy.
   I caught sight of “All That She Can See” by Carrie Hope Fletcher – which was pretty fitting, as she is the lead in ‘Heathers’. I couldn’t resist, so I took it to the till and bought it!

Not wanting to spend any more money, I headed back to the college and sat on a bench outside, reading just over seventy pages before Toby was done.

Chi 3

By that time, it was about 12:30, so it was time to head home and get ready to go to London, but when I got back to my car, I had been given a parking ticket!
  On our way into the college, a sign told us the machines were broken, and that all parking charges had been lifted until further notice, so I was fuming that I had been given a ticket!
  The woman who issued the ticket wouldn’t talk to us, so I just had to deal with the ticket when I got home.

Eventually, my dad called up and explained the situation, and they told us they had made her cancel all the tickets and remove them from people’s cars as she shouldn’t have given them out – so no need to pay the £40 fine! Thank god for that!
   With that all sorted, my dad took us to the station, and it was time to go to London!

On the way to London, I read some more of my book, getting halfway through before I stopped, not wanting to finish it too quickly.
  We arrived at the station shortly after, and decided to grab some food in Frankie and Benny’s.

With a couple of hours to kill, we noticed we were on Buckingham Palace Road, so we decided to walk up there and around the nearby park.
  Somehow, we ended up walking to Hamleys, so we had a look around there for a while until we decided we should head back to the theatre area and get ready for the show.

We arrived at the theatre a little before 7pm, and were let in to find our seats.
  I hadn’t realised just how small the theatre was, but it’s a lovely, intimate venue! We were in C15 & C16, just three rows away from the stage – which is no more than four or five feet! The view was amazing!

I had seen the movie prior to seeing the show, but couldn’t 100% remember the storyline. Either way, I had high expectations for this show, and it exceeded them with ease!
  The entire cast were so talented, but my favourites had to be Carrie,  Jamie, and Jodie, as they were especially incredible!

It was a perfect mix of comedy, drama, and romance, and was such a lighthearted show despite the main themes!
  The songs, the choreography, the acting, and the voices of each of the actors were just flawless, there was nothing about this show I could fault at all.

I was so impressed by the stage, set, and the cast, and I can definitely say it’s one of the best (if not the best) shows I’ve seen.
  Toby has only seen one other show, and it’s safe to say this exceeded his expectations, too.

Carrie even announced at the end that the show is going to the West End! It’s definitely well-deserved, and I’m hoping to clear a day off with work and get myself some tickets if there’s any left.

By 10pm, the show had come to an end, and we headed back to the station, only to find huge delays and cancellations.
  We ended up going from Victoria to West Croydon – where Toby’s dad had to pick us up at 1am! I’m honestly shocked at how poor Southern’s service was that night, as it meant we were home at 2:30am instead of midnight as we would have been if the trains were running properly!
  It did put a bit of a downer on the night, but overall, we had a brilliant time at the show, so we managed to keep our cool.

Despite the parking ticket, the train issues, and a killer headache, I honestly had such an enjoyable day – and would highly recommend seeing ‘Heathers’ in the West End if you can!

Have you seen ‘Heathers’, or any other Stage Show? Let me know! I’d love some recommendations.

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