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#PlasticFreeJuly – Beauty Product Swaps

It’s July already! This month is #PlasticFreeJuly – a campaign started by the Plastic Free July Foundation who work to encourage people to ditch the single-use plastic, and choose more sustainable alternatives, in hopes that we can solve our world’s huge plastic problem.

In this post, I’d like to share some Plastic Product Alternatives, that will help you make the appropriate switches within your health and beauty routines to minimize your plastic usage & plastic waste.
   Many common health & beauty products contain more plastic than we realise, so it’s always a good idea to do your research and find products that use as little plastic as possible.

Bamboo – toothbrushes, hair brushes, makeup brushes, body brushes, razors etc. are much better alternatives to your standard plastic handles. Bamboo grows quickly and is a much more sustainable resource than plastic, so switching to bamboo where possible is a huge help!

Makeup Products – aiming to buy makeup products packaged in cardboard or other non-plastic materials are great alternatives to plastic packaging. Or, buying products made with recycled and/or recyclable plastic, so at the very least, the plastic can be reused.
  Choosing Eco-friendly and cruelty-free brands over ordinary brands is always a win, because you’ll get healthier products, and more sustainable packaging.

Bars & Jars – purchasing products that come in the form of a bar or packaged in a jar makes a huge difference. So many bathroom products come packaged in plastic, and are often not recyclable.
  Lush do a fabulous range of “naked” products, as well as bars of shampoo and conditioner. Their plastic packaging is also recyclable though, so they’re an all-round good brand to use!

  Jars are another great way of reducing plastic. Buying things such as coconut oil or powder deodorant in glass jars is much better than plastic packaging! And once you’re done, you can re-purpose the jar for something else!

Skincare Products – once again, aiming to buy products packaged in non-plastic materials, but also avoiding things such as cotton buds which have the plastic sticks in the middle! Another way of avoiding disposable products is to choose reusable bamboo or cotton pads to remove makeup.
   Better yet – make your own! There are thousands of recipes out there showing you how to make your own skincare products, then, you can choose exactly what goes in them, and exactly how you package them!

Period Products – sanitary towels and tampons contribute to so much plastic waste! Using alternatives such as menstrual cups, reusable cloth pads, or ‘period-proof’ underwear, can significantly reduce plastic waste! They can even reduce period pains and the duration of your period, making for a much more comfortable month!

Alternatives to Single-Use Cotton, Face Wipes, and Sponges – switching out single-use bathroom products to reusable ones reduces your waste and is much more budget-friendly! Why purchase a pack of 100 disposable cotton rounds for £1, and run out of them in a month or so, when you can spend £5-10 for a 5-10 pack of reusable ones, and reuse them for as long as you can? Face wipes aren’t effective for clearing your skin of makeup anyway, so they can be ditched altogether!
Unsponges are a great alternative to regular sponges, as many regular sponges contain plastic! They are reusable, and are much easier to keep clean, so they’ll last you longer too!
Stop buying cotton buds with plastic sticks, and switch to bamboo or paper instead! They’re still single use, but you’ll do much less damage to the environment when you throw them out.

Plastic Free July - Say No to Single Use Plastic 300ppi

What plastic-free changes have you made to your health & beauty products?

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8 thoughts on “#PlasticFreeJuly – Beauty Product Swaps”

  1. An Eco-friendly approach in our daily lives is so important! I’ve recently purchased bamboo toothbrushes, and the shampoo i’m currently LOVING is recycleable, vegan and eco-friendly! Also, Wilkinson’s across the UK sell cotton buds which are 100% cotton! I’ve just added them to my makeup kit and feel so much better about using plastic-free alternatives!
    Georgia x //

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  2. Love the initiative 😄 I think we underestimate how our daily plastic products contribute to ocean’s pollution. I’m trying to do this as well, I use shampoo bars (not all the time though), cotton pads made of super soft fabric to take my makeup off and I recently came across a makeup brand that does a lot of refillable makeup! Also when I go shopping I try (sometimes forget it) to bring my own bag (like a tote bag) so I don’t have all these plastic shopping bag 😊

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    1. We certainly do! What you do is perfect 😊 I think all we need to do is be much more aware and thoughtful of the plastic problem and ways we can swap for sustainable products – and we’d easily reduce plastic waste!
      Thank you for reading & commenting 😊

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