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#PlasticFreeJuly – Home & Travel Product Swaps

July is #PlasticFreeJuly – a campaign started by the Plastic Free July Foundation. Their mission is to encourage people to ditch the single-use plastic for more sustainable alternatives, in hopes that we can solve our world’s huge plastic waste problem.

I’ve been inspired by them to write my own posts, encouraging you to make simple lifestyle swaps, to take the first steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle.
  In this post, I’d like to share some Plastic Product Alternatives for your Home & On the Go products, to reduce your plastic usage and waste.

So many everyday products contain plastic or contribute to a huge amount of plastic waste. What most people don’t realise, is that there are so many quick and easy swaps which will dramatically decrease plastic waste and environmental impact!

Cleaning – Cleaning products are a major offender for plastic waste, as well as nasty chemicals, but the swaps are more than simple! A lot of the time, it’s as easy as switching to cruelty free brands such as Method, Eco Active, or other supermarket own-Eco-brands, who use recycled and recyclable packaging, as well as more natural and less harmful ingredients.
  If you’ve got the time and you’re feeling creative, there’s also thousands of resources showing you how to make your own cleaning products from essential oils, fruits, and more.
  The unsponge is also a great alternative to regular sponges when it comes to cleaning dishes or surfaces. Using zero plastic and being much easier to clean and maintain (therefore lasting longer than regular sponges), they are a perfect swap! Similarly, using brushes with natural bristles and bamboo handles reduces plastic usage too!

Shopping – Another huge area for plastic waste! It’s so easy to pick up products packaged in unnecessary plastic – but we can make a huge difference if we spend a little more time thinking!
  Start taking reusable canvas bags shopping with you, instead of using plastic carrier bags. Use mesh or paper produce bags instead of the plastic ones supplied by the supermarkets. At the very least, choose products with minimal plastic packaging.
  I’ve found recently that many companies still deliver items, such as clothes, in plastic bags inside plastic bags! To reduce this plastic waste, I’d suggest shopping in-store where possible to minimize the packaging for delivery.

On the Go / Travel – Most of the time, being out and about opens you up to more opportunities for plastic waste. When you eat in restaurants, they’ll quite often give you disposable plastic straws or stirrers in your drinks, or if you go into a shop, you’ll be met with single use plastic water bottles.
  Instead, why not buy reusable products to take with you when you’re on the go or travelling?
  Chilly’s sell a huge range of water bottles, tumblers, food pots, and more – allowing you to eat and drink on the go without having to buy anything when you’re out! This means you can take food from home, and fill up your bottle with tap water, or avoid disposable takeaway cups in cafes!
  You’ll also find many places now stocking stainless steel or bamboo straws as well as cutlery sets – so there’s no need to use plastic straws or cutlery, meaning all the marine animals can swim about happily, without any straws causing them harm, and we can reduce our plastic usage!

Plastic Free July - Say No to Single Use Plastic 300ppi

What plastic-free swaps have you made to your home or travel products?

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1 thought on “#PlasticFreeJuly – Home & Travel Product Swaps”

  1. Great post! I definitely agree that with a bit more thought when out and about we can all make a huge difference! Some great plastic free, reusable products that I have recently purchased are a Klean Kanteen reusable water bottle and some reusable stainless steel straws from the same company. I have also begun to purchase the necessary items needed to make my own produce bags for when I do my grocery shopping. The next items i am planning on switching to is reusable scouring pad for the washing up – I’ve found a great one made out of Cocunut shell. Babipur is my favourite place to buy all my eco friendly, plastic free home and travel alternatives. I highly recommend them 👌

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