First Time in Liverpool / Shopping Haul

You may or may not know that when I went to Wales earlier on this month, we decided to take a day and travel up to Liverpool, as it was only an hour or so away from where we were staying.
I had never been to Liverpool before, and considering we were much closer than we usually are, we thought we’d take the opportunity to spend the day there, see the sights, and do some shopping!

First, we parked the car in the Liverpool One, and took a short walk to the Royal Albert Dock. The dock plays a huge part in the history of Liverpool, and in England’s goods trade, and it’s one of the most visited attractions in the UK!
As I’m a bit of a history nerd, it was definitely interesting listening to my dad tell me about what it was used for and how it was used, and seeing the architecture as we walked around was great.

From there, my parents and I parted ways to let them grab some lunch whilst Toby and I explored the Beatles Story; something I had been excited for ever since the idea of going to Liverpool was mentioned. 


   I love The Beatles, but if I’m being honest, I didn’t know too much about their background as individuals or as a band. Being able to listen to the audio guide and hear their story told, whilst looking at their old guitars, costumes, and photographs, was an incredible way of learning the history of The Beatles. 

The Beatles Story is beautifully laid out, with the recreation of the music shop, record store, and Cavern Club, it really brought the story to life! At times, it was actually quite emotional listening to all the different aspects of their life together as a band, and learning about their eventual breakup. Then of course to hear about John Lennon’s death…it really was a very real experience.


I couldn’t walk away from The Beatles Story empty handed, so of course I had to pick up a couple of things in the gift shop! 
   I opted for a simple pin badge to add to my pin badge collection, and a band tee to pair with my new favourite clothing item purchased later on that day! More on that later though.



Overall, The Beatles Story made me fall even more in love with their music, and opened my eyes to where it all began.

Once we were done, we met up with my parents and made our way down to The Beatles statues, battling the insane winds blowing in between the buildings! I was honestly struggling to walk with the wind against me, and my hair was an absolute nightmare. 
   But, we got there eventually, and it was great to be able to snap some photos of the statues!


Once we were done with everything we had time for outside, we walked back to the Liverpool One to do some shopping – because why wouldn’t you?

The second we got to the shopping area, my eyes locked on the Disney store!
My most local store was in Brighton Churchill Square, until it was unfortunately closed down a few years ago. I was absolutely gutted, so seeing a Disney store in Liverpool, I knew I had to go in.

   Despite my mum banning me from buying any more mugs (due to having at least twenty taking up room in our kitchen cupboards) I had to buy one, as I found a gorgeous Jack Skellington mug, celebrating the 25th Anniversary of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas‘. How could I resist?

Now…onto my aforementioned new favourite item of clothing…my new trousers! They’re a grey and black tartan pattern with hints of red – definitely a popular look at the moment!

I bought them in New Look, and I was immediately obsessed. I had been meaning to get my hands on a pair like this for such a long time, and so I was more than glad to finally have bought some. I may or may not have picked up another pair from H&M last week, and a similar skirt.

Then, my Mum and I dragged Toby and my Dad into Lush, where I decided now was the perfect time to purchase the Yellow Submarine bath bomb I had looked at so many times! I definitely could not say no, after all, we were in Liverpool! I also picked up the Butterball bath bomb as it smelled beautiful and I can never seem to buy just one thing when I’m in Lush. Maybe I should work on that.

Then, when there’s a Primark, you go to Primark – and so I dragged poor Toby around all four or five floors looking for things I didn’t need. 
   I ended up buying a couple of packs of socks which I did in fact need, and then I may have accidentally bought a ‘Friends’ jumper that accidentally fell into my hands. 

And finally, we popped into Waterstones where I bought “The Bone Keeper” by Luca Veste, after much contemplation with about five books in my hands, and three in Toby’s. I have yet to read it as I am currently reading ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ but I’m definitely looking forward to it!

Unfortunately, that is all we had time for that day, as we had a meal booked back in Oswestry with my family, and so we didn’t get round to seeing the Cavern Club, or any other main attractions in Liverpool – but, that does leave Toby and I the opportunity to go back again one day and explore Liverpool some more!

To read about the rest of my week away, click here!

Have you been to Liverpool before? Let me know!

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7 thoughts on “First Time in Liverpool / Shopping Haul”

  1. Sounds like you had loads of fun & were able to find tons of awesome items to purchase. I giggle a bit about the mugs, how your ma banned you from buying more but you still bought another one. 😂 Mugs really do make the best souvenirs, don’t they?!

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