Blogtober 2018

Lush Halloween Haul

Blogtober 2018

Perhaps one of my favourite things about the Autumn / Halloween Season is the annual release of Lush’s Halloween range. 

Every year, Lush release a range of new and returning products themed for Halloween. They also do a range for Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. I thought, as I’m taking part in Blogtober, it would be fitting to purchase a few of their products and review them on my blog! 
   I’ve yet to use any of them, so this post will just be a mini-haul of what I bought – but stay tuned for the individual reviews.


Monsters’ Ball – £4.95
Monsters’ Ball is a bath bomb made to look like a purple monster. It is made with ingredients such as Lime oil, Neroli oil, Himalayan salt, and Olibanum oil.
   I think this bath bomb is super cute, and it smells amazing! I can’t wait to take a dip in a bright purple bath, and soak up the stunning scents.
I’d definitely accept an invitation to this Monsters’ Ball!

Lush Haul 3

Eyeball – £4.95
Eyeball is another bath bomb, this time, made to look like an eyeball – just what it says on the tin. 
   This bath bomb is made with Brazilian Orange oil, Rose absolute, Lavender oil, and Ylang Ylang oil.
   From the pictures and videos I’ve seen, it looks as if this eyeball bath bomb will paint the bath water a beautiful and on-theme orange! It has a lovely and relaxing scent probably thanks to the lavender and rose (two of my favourite scents), with the addition of an uplifting citrus smell thanks to the orange. It’s a combination that sounds a little strange, but works really well!
   Keep and eye out for this one!

Lush Haul 1

Lord of Misrule – £4.25
Lord of Misrule is yet another bath bomb. It is a lovely green colour with pink speckles, and the name is inspired by the ruler of the Pagan Feast of Fools.
From what I’ve seen online, this bomb fizzes away from green to a rich wine pink which looks absolutely stunning!
Lord of Misrule is made with Patchouli oil, Black Pepper oil, Vanilla absolute, and popping candy! I’ve never had popping candy in a bath bomb before so I’m not too sure what to expect.
This bath bomb rules!

Lush Haul 4

Bewitched – £4.95
Switching it up a little now, Bewitched is a bubble bar made to look like a black witch’s cat, with yellow eyes.
This bubble bar fills the bath with bubbles and leaves the water black and sparkly! It is made with Olibanum oil, Bergamot oil, and cornflour – giving it a berry-like scent according to the reviews I’ve read.
This sweet kitty bubble bar is super cute and smells amazing – I’m looking forward to being bewitched by it!

Lush Haul 2

Ectoplasm – £5.50
And finally (unfortunately – I’d love to have bought the entire range!) Ectoplasm is a shower “scream” and is bright yellow! 
   It is made with Tangerine water, Fresh Grapefruit juice, Tangerine Oil, and Almond oil. From the sounds of the ingredients, this shower gel is definitely an uplifting citrus scent which sounds incredible! 
   This should be perfect for if I’m ever feeling like a corpse!

Have you tried any of the Lush Halloween Range? What’s your favourite?

Stay tuned for reviews of each product later in the month!

Blogtober 2018 (3).png

This post is not sponsored by Lush (although, I wish it was!) and none of these links are affiliate links.

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