Blogtober 2018, Eco-Friendly / Cruelty-Free

How To: Eco-Friendly / Sustainable Halloween

Blogtober 2018

I’ve talked a lot on my blog about living a more eco-friendly, sustainable, and/or cruelty free lifestyle, but one thing I’ve not talked about as much is how to maintain that lifestyle around the holidays!
  As it’s Blogtober, I thought it would be fitting to write a guide or ‘how to’ for Halloween!

We are all, at times, guilty of buying things for the sake of it.
   This is applicable to many of the purchases we make throughout the year, but it definitely increases during the holiday seasons due to the way big companies market those holidays to us as consumers.

  We may see decorations in stores – such as buntings, lights, ornaments, etc and think “wow that’s so cute, it’s so cheap, and it would be perfect to have for (insert holiday here)”, only to throw it away the day after that holiday or season ends.
  This is because we, as a society, are conditioned to buy what we want / what is marketed to us, as opposed to only buying what we need, or buying cheap / buying what is immediately accessible instead of doing research into more suitable products.

  We are also conditioned to believe that the things we purchase are both disposable and replaceable, meaning many of our purchases lack importance.

So, how can we overcome this in order to maintain a sustainable lifestyle throughout the holiday season – specifically Halloween?


Reducing What We Buy
By reducing the amount of products we are using, and therefore buying, over the holiday season, it allows us to live a more minimal and sustainable lifestyle.
Not only will we have much less clutter in our homes, we will also be helping the environment.

  ‘Reducing’ can mean a few things; whether it’s having fewer decorations up, reducing the amount of new seasonal items we are purchasing each year, or buying versatile products that are then interchangeable throughout the seasons – reducing our products is much better for the environment, and is probably a lot easier on our wallets too – and that’s a win-win situation.


Reusing / Re-purposing Things We Already Have
Reusing and re-purposing products / belongings is a great way to live a more sustainable lifestyle throughout the year, as well as during the holidays.
  Whether this be reusing decorations from previous years, or re-purposing items of clothing to use as parts of decorations and / or costumes, reusing and re-purposing is great!

A key thing here, too, is to invest in higher quality decorations / costumes / and whatever else we need or use during the holidays that will then have a longer lifespan.
  Why buy something cheap from a pound store that will only last that one year (if it even makes it that far), when we can invest in a higher quality product that will last for years? They can be stored away when out of season and be used again, and again, and again!
  Obviously, when the time comes and they seriously need replacing, then of course it’s okay to do that, but cheaper products do tend to be of a lower quality, will be made of less-sustainable materials, and are likely to be made by companies who are not as ethical or Eco-conscious.


Recycle and Up-cycle
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways we can recycle or up-cycle our products.
  Whether this means literally sending our old products to be recycled, or if this means recycling or up-cycling our items ourselves. This kind of goes hand in hand with re-purposing, so keep those ideas in mind, too.

  When we are buying new products, we should try and buy things that are either recyclable themselves (if not reusable) such as paper straws, recyclable cups, plates, and napkins, etc. or, that come in recyclable packaging.
  Bonus points if we are making these purchases from Eco-friendly and sustainable companies, local independent businesses, or companies who really keep the well-being of our environment in mind!


Make Our Own!
Making our own seasonal decorations, costumes, or things to eat is a great way of being more sustainable.
  Why buy a new costume when we can make one from old clothes for a more unique, creative look and much less money spent?
  Why buy ready-made cupcakes and other treats that come packaged in plastic, when we can make and decorate our own, from ingredients packaged in more sustainable materials?
  And why not make temporary changes to products we already own, such as making pumpkin details to add to fairy lights, or pinning something to our clothing to make a costume?
  Once again, there are so many ways of creating our own things as opposed to buying them!

So, maintaining an Eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle throughout the year, even throughout the holidays, is definitely not as hard as it may at first seem! Do let me know if you have any suggestions to add to this list, or if you will be trying any of the above suggestions yourself!

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