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Brands I Wish Were Cruelty Free

In recent years, I’ve been trying my hardest to ditch products from brands who test on animals, and though I’ve done and am doing pretty well, it’s definitely not the easiest thing to do.
   I am pretty strict with myself, and will always check products thoroughly if they don’t explicitly state whether or not they are cruelty free, however there are some products shared by everyone in my house (like toothpaste etc) that I haven’t yet switched out – but I’m working on it.

With that said, there are so many brands I wish were cruelty free, as I’m always seeing gorgeous products only to be disappointed when I find out they’re not cruelty free.
   In 2018, I personally think all brands should have ditched the animal testing by now, but unfortunately, that’s not the case.


I used to absolutely love Garnier’s products! I had their aloe vera day cream, often used their paper face masks, and I was so tempted by their Rose range – but they are not cruelty free! If they were, you can bet their Rose products would be in my hands immediately – so if you know of any similar products that use more natural ingredients and are cruelty free, be sure to let me know!

I’ve never actually used Benefit products, but they’ve always caught my eye because of their beautiful packaging and the 1950s aesthetic! Because they’re not cruelty free, I do refuse to buy them, but if they were, I’d definitely give them a go!

Victoria’s Secret
I have, in the past, purchased the body sprays from Pink / Victoria’s Secret until I learned that they tested on animals. I have since used the spray my best friend bought for me when she was on her holiday in America as I didn’t want to waste it, but I haven’t purchased anything more for myself. Their products smell amazing though, so I’d love it if they were cruelty free!

I recall seeing a gorgeous Autumnal-coloured nail polish by Essie on Pinterest once, and immediately set out to buy it. Before I did, though, I did my usual research to find out their animal testing policies and I was disappointed to find out they are not a cruelty free brand. Though on the expensive side, they have some beautiful colours, but I’ll be taking a hard pass until they (hopefully one day) become cruelty free too.

What cruelty free brands are your favourite? What brands do you wish were cruelty free? Let me know!

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