5 Things I’m Loving this Winter

Blogmas 2018

I haven’t shared a “monthly favourites” post for a while, and so, as there’s a lot of things I’m loving at the moment, I thought I’d share my top five!

Costa’s Gingerbread Hot Chocolate
On a whim one day, standing in line at Costa, I saw their Christmas Drinks menu and caught sight of their Gingerbread Hot Chocolate. I’m not usually one for trying new drinks in case I don’t like them, because let’s be honest, they’re pretty pricey, but for whatever reason, I decided to just go for it!
   I’ve never really fallen in love with a specific drink from somewhere (like many people worship Pumpkin Spice Lattes), but I can honestly say I’m obsessed with this drink!

Slipper Socks
These were a bit of an impulse purchase, but it’s probably one of the best impulse purchases I’ve ever made!
   I actually bought a pair of these in New Look for my best friend’s birthday, and then I happened to see another pair in Tesco and figured I’d buy some for myself.
   If I could live in slipper socks, I would! They’re super cosy and warm, but they’re much easier to wear than slippers as they’re not as intrusive, and unlike cosy socks, they have the grips on the bottom to stop you slipping – which is easily done on all the laminate flooring in my house!

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel
I bought this as a part of my Lush Christmas mini-Haul and I’m so glad I did!
   I’ve heard people rave about this scent for a couple of years now, but for whatever reason, I’ve never bought it for myself until now.
   The first time I used it, the sweet scent was a little sickly and overwhelming, but after a few uses I’m definitely used to it, and I definitely love it!

My Scarf
This was a quick purchase from Primark one day when the weather was noticeably colder, but I’m more than glad I bought it!
   For just £4, I can’t really complain, especially as I wear it every day. It even doubles a blanket to throw over my shoulders when I’m sitting at my desk in the evenings when it’s a little chilly.
   I’ll definitely be stocking up on these scarves in a few different colours!

Yankee Candle Snowflake Cookie
I was given this as a Christmas present last year from my boyfriend’s older brother, and I love it!
   It smells delicious and it’s lasting me forever despite sometimes burning it for hours. The colour matches my bedroom theme perfectly too.

What are you loving this Winter?


8 thoughts on “5 Things I’m Loving this Winter”

  1. We sound like the same person! I had that hazlenut and praline hot choc (an investment I must say) and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Honestly the best thing I’ve ever tasted 😍 and same with lush snow fairy, I never bought into the hype but received it as part of a gift set and now I’m totally obsessed xx

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