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Spotify Wrapped 2018

Blogmas 2018


One thing I absolutely love about this time of year is looking at my ‘Spotify Wrapped‘ to see my year in music.
   I loved the way it was done this year, and so I wanted to write about my Spotify Wrapped 2018 to share with you!

FIRST – According to Spotify, I kicked off my 2018 by listening to ‘End Game‘ by Taylor Swift from her ‘reputation‘ album, and I think that’s a pretty good start to the year.


In total, I spent over 24,755 minutes listening to music on Spotify, which adds up to over 412 hours, which is 17 days! In my opinion, that’s 24,755 minutes well-spent.


TOP ARTIST – Of course, my Top Artist of 2018 was the one and only Taylor Swift; no surprise there! I spent 42 hours listening to her music. Once again, 42 hours well-spent.
   Some of my other Top Artists include: Lauv, LANY, Khalid, and The 1975.


TOP SONGS – You can definitely tell which album I was loving this year based on my Top Songs…
The Other, Lauv // Enemies, Lauv // Paris in the Rain, Lauv // I Like Me Better, Lauv // 8TEEN, Khalid

You can listen to more of my favourite songs from this year in my “Top Songs 2018” Playlist made by Spotify, here.


OLDEST SONG – I definitely love old music, and so it’s no surprise that the oldest song I’ve listened to this year is ‘Blue Suede Shoes‘ by the iconic Elvis Presley, recorded in 1956!


TOP GENRES – My Top Genres of 2018 were Pop, Indie, Rock, Country, and Punk. I like to think that sums up my varied music taste quite nicely.


Taylor Swift features once again, this time in my most-listened-to Star Sign: Sagittarius. Apparently, I’ve listened to more Sagittarius artists (such as Taylor Swift and Vance Joy) than any other star sign!


PODCASTS – One thing I’ve definitely loved this year is Podcasts, and I can’t wait to explore this more in 2019! My most listened to Podcasts were ‘Casefile True Crime‘ and ‘The Science of Happiness‘, both of which I’d highly recommend listening to!


Finally, one thing I’m very excited to get stuck into is my “Tastebreakers” Playlist, also made for me by Spotify.
This playlist aims to “broaden my horizons” in 2019 with songs from “genres and artists I don’t normally explore, that Spotify thinks I will enjoy.
Well, they’re not wrong! I’ve been giving it a little listen and there’s definitely some hidden gems in here. You can listen to them here.

MySpotifyWrapped2018 (1).jpg

What did you discover from your Spotify Wrapped?

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5 thoughts on “Spotify Wrapped 2018”

  1. I actually had to get rid of Spotify this year because it doesn’t work well with my laptop. I just added it back to my phone and my PS4 though, so maybe I’ll be able to see a wrap up for next year. Also, I had no idea they had most listened to star sign! That’s really interesting

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