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Moving House – Wishlist & Inspiration

Blogmas 2018


2018 is very quickly coming to an end, which means a huge change is on it’s way; and soon.

Though we have yet to get a date set in stone, we are potentially moving into our new house before Christmas, if everything completes in time! To me, that is so, so crazy, and so exciting all at once as I have only ever moved house once in my life, when I was less than two years old.

One thing I’m extremely looking forward to is decorating my new rooms!
   As we are upgrading from a three (or two and a half) bedroom house to a four bedroom house, I am getting my own living space as well as my bedroom, to relieve the pressure whilst I save up for a home of my own.
   As a result, I have a lot of furniture to buy, and so I thought I’d put together a wish-list of sorts to help me get an idea of the things I need!


A New Bed
I do currently have a double bed, however it’s not the most comfortable in the world, and I’ve had it for about seven or eight years now. In order to have a cohesive theme to my room in terms of decor and colour scheme, it’s about time I bought a new bed!
   Right now, my bed is a black faux leather storage bed, where the base lifts up to store things underneath. I’d like to upgrade to a grey fabric divan bed, much like this:

Wayfair Divan Bed Hartland

Hartland Divan Bed,


A Sofa
With the addition of a living space, I definitely need a sofa! I’ve been looking for a grey corner sofa bed which would come in handy if ever we have people to stay. I also played with the idea of a blush pink sofa, or even a deep navy blue, but I’m not sure if I can commit to a specific colour scheme as of yet, as there’s likely to be a lot of change during the move!
   I’ve looked at a few different options in Ikea, Wayfair, and Dunelm so far and definitely like the cosy Scandinavian look similar to these:

FRIHETEN, Ikea / Reversible Velvet Sofa Bed,


General Decor
I think, out of everything, the general decor is the part I am struggling with the most! Having a cohesive theme to my rooms is so important to me, as I want everything to flow well and look beautiful – I’m just not very good at committing to one theme! 
   I love the minimalist look, the cosy Hygge / Scandinavian look, rose gold, normal gold, bold prints, etc – it’s hard to find things that work well together.
   One thing I do know, is that I want my rooms to be calming and inspiring, and instantly mood-lifting. 
   I’ve been looking everywhere for beautiful home decor, from Homesense, Sass and Belle, Urban Outfitters, Ikea, and even the general supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda. I’ve also made a Pinterest board of odds and ends I love the look of, to try and generate some sort of recurring theme!
   So, with that said, here’s some pieces I love:

Images from IKEA, Next, Sass & Belle


I could go on and on about room inspiration and things I need, but to keep it short and sweet, you can see more on my Pinterest!
Take a look at my New Home Inspo board, or my ‘New Home Wishlist‘ board!

Do you have any experience with moving house or decorating? Leave some helpful comments – I’m going to need them!

Pinterest Pin Pic (14).png






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