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My Relationship – Anniversary Q&A

Blogmas 2018

Earlier this week, my boyfriend and I celebrated our two year anniversary, and so I thought I would do a little Q&A about our relationship. 
   I’ve taken some questions sent in from my Twitter and Instagram followers, thank you to those of you who sent in questions!

Q. How did you meet?
This is kind of a long story, but I’ll sum it up as best I can!
   I was friends with a girl in middle school (who I won’t name), and we ended up going to different high schools but stayed friends. She made her own group of friends, and invited me into a group chat with them to plan a day out. On said day out, Toby and I met. 
   From there, the three of us were good friends for about a year, before eventually, me and the girl stopped being friends for a number of reasons, and that meant Toby and I stopped talking too.
   Three or so years later, I got a Facebook friend request and message from Toby asking if I’d like to meet up because he felt bad that things had been left on bad terms, so we ended up going out to Brighton for the day, started seeing each other about a month later, and by December, we were official! 
   Might I add, that I had a teeny little crush on Toby for those entire three years…

Q. Was it love at first sight, and do you even believe in love at first sight?
I don’t think I’d call it love at first sight as such, because initially it took a few months of us being friends for me to develop feelings for him. However, when we met up and went to Brighton, I knew 100% that my feelings hadn’t quite gone away despite the three years we hadn’t spoken.
As for whether or not I believe in love at first sight, I’m a little apprehensive that you can be in love with someone on first meeting, but if someone says they are, then I wouldn’t question it.

Q. What date did you get together?
We started seeing each other in November 2016 (which sounds like forever ago!) but the date we made things official is December 10th 2016. 

Q. Who made the first move?

Q. What nicknames do you have for each other?
So, keeping the standard relationship-y nicknames to one side, we do have some random nicknames for each other. 
   For Toby, I sometimes call him “chicken”, “To To”, “Toe Bee” (over text), and “Toboo” for Halloween.
For me, Toby doesn’t really have too many nicknames, but the one random one he has for me is “Bubboo”.

Q. How did you celebrate your first anniversary?
Unfortunately, I was experiencing some side effects from a couple of vaccinations I had the day before, and so we spent our first anniversary sitting in my bed with a Dominos – although I only managed a nibble of a nacho before feeling a bit sick. 
   Not the best anniversary ever, but it can only go up from there!

Q. What was your first date?
As we were seeing each other for a month, we never really had a proper first date before things became official, because neither of us had admitted our feelings for each other! With that said, one day I do remember in particular was a day we spent in Chichester. We walked miles and miles along the canal and back to the town, did a bit of shopping, and went to Pizza Express for dinner, and I do remember wondering the whole time if it was a date or not!

Q. Where have you travelled together?
We have yet to leave the UK together, but we’re planning to next year. As for places in the UK, we’ve been to: Cornwall, Bath, Oswestry, Wales, Liverpool, Chester, London, and Bournemouth. 
   I will get him to Disneyland!

Q. Favourite pictures together?
We have so many pictures together, but here are some of my favourites:


And that’s it! 
Thank you again to those of you who sent in questions, and thank you to Toby for a lovely two years, and many more to come.

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