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Habits to Introduce in 2019

Blogmas 2018


Following on from one of my recent posts, Habits to Break in 2019, I thought I’d write another post coming in from a different angle: Habits to Introduce in 2019, as one good method for breaking bad habits, is to replace them with new (and more positive) ones.
If you haven’t already read that post, go ahead and give it a read! If you have already read it, thank you, and thank you for carrying on with this one.

Get Into a Good Sleep Routine
In my previous post, I mentioned that we should stop snoozing our alarms as it ends up doing more harm than good!
   So, in order to break that bad habit, we should be trying to get into a good sleep routine so we don’t feel the need to hit snooze in the morning.
There are so many ways of getting into a good sleep (and wake up) routine, but different things work for different people. Personally, I like using a sleep tracking app called “Sleep Cycle”, which tracks how long I’ve slept for, the quality of my sleep, allows me to add ‘sleep notes’, and even has an alarm that will wake you when you are sleeping lightly between a set period of time. I’ve been using this app for over a year and I absolutely love it!
We should also be turning off our technology at a reasonable time, drinking less caffeine in the evenings, and getting into more of a routine.

Carrying Reusable / Eco-Friendly Products
I’ve written a lot on my blog about sustainability and eco-friendly products, and I think we should all be much more aware of the impact we have and the ways we can reduce that impact.
   We’re all human, sometimes I do forget my reusable coffee cup or bag, but we should definitely be getting into a habit of carrying these things with us! The more we can do for the environment, the better, because the world around us is really struggling, and as individuals we need to help it as much as we can.
Some easy things to carry with us are: reusable coffee cups / water bottles (made from sustainable materials), reusable straws and cutlery, and reusable shopping and produce bags.

Drinking More Water
On a day to day basis, I actually drink a decent amount of water, as I’m a pretty fussy person when it comes to food and drink, and I absolutely love water. 
   For other people, like my boyfriend, drinking water isn’t a subconscious thing, but it definitely should be.
   Drinking water helps metabolism, makes us feel more awake, keeps you hydrated (obviously), and is good for maintaining / improving your skin – and that’s just to name a few benefits. 
   We should all get into the habit of carrying water with us (in reusable bottles, as mentioned above), and making sure we’re drinking enough throughout the day!

More Hobby Time
In my bad habits post, I mentioned taking time away from our screens and social media. To help, we should be setting aside some time for our hobbies. If your hobbies involve a screen (such as drawing with tablets, writing blog posts / novels / etc on a laptop, etc) then that’s fine, but mindlessly scrolling through social media is really not a hobby! 
   Hobbies increase our creativity, happiness, and get us away from the negative side of social media, and so we should definitely be making time for them in 2019.
   Some of my hobbies include: reading (which I definitely don’t do enough of), baking, singing / guitar, and writing.

This ‘habit’ is a little vague, as there are many ways of making positivity a habit. Whether it’s listening to a positive podcast, reciting positive affirmations in the mornings or before bed, positive journaling, or spreading positivity to others more regularly; positivity is an important habit to introduce in order to combat the bad habits such as our negative thoughts and letting negative people in, as mentioned in my last post.

What habits are you going to introduce in the new year? Share your ideas in the comments!

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