Things 2018 Taught Me

I say this in almost every post about 2018, but I’ll say it again because it’s true: 2018 has been one crazy year.  Thanks to the craziness, I can safely say that 2018 has taught me a good few life lessons and I have definitely grown as a person.
   For that reason, I wanted to share with you what this year has taught me, and what I will be keeping in mind going into 2019.

Self-Love is SO Important
I had my fair share of ups and downs this year, and through all of it, I was able to realise just how important self-love and self-care really is.  
   With that said, I haven’t yet mastered the art of self-love, but I’ll be working on that into and beyond 2019.  
   I really want 2019 to be the year everything changes, the year I really get my shit together and find myself a little more, and learning to love myself fully will influence that for sure.

Negativity Too Often Overpowers Positivity
Social media and the media in general is the main thing at fault here, but 2018 really showed me just how much we focus on negativity, and leave positivity standing at the roadside.  
   The truth is, yes, there’s a whole lot of negativity in this world, but there’s a whole lot of positivity too. We need to bring as much positivity to light as we can, whether that’s by creating the positivity ourselves, or sharing other people’s.

Kindness is EVERYTHING
I think many people seriously underestimate the power of kindness. Whether it’s kindness to ourselves, kindness to our friends / family / acquaintances, or even kindness to strangers, we need to see the power kindness has and use it to our best ability. 
   Kindness is a domino effect. If you’re kind to someone, you’ll feel good, they’ll feel good, and they’ll spread that kindness to someone else.

Women Need to Support ALL Women
I’ve seen a lot of people this year who consider themselves “feminists” trashing other women they don’t relate to or don’t agree with. At the end of the day, us girls are in this together and we have to look out for each other, because no one else will.  
   I’ll admit, I’m not perfect. I’ve said and thought bad things about people who hasn’t? 
   Going into 2019, though, I’d really like to leave that in the past and begin hyping people up as often as I can, and supporting ALL women, no matter how much or how little I relate to them.

Change Starts Small
This lesson kind of ties into all the ones I’ve listed so far. I’ll give you some examples:
– positive affirmations / one good thought about yourself each morning will begin the path to learning to love yourself.
– sharing one positive thing each day, or recognising the positive things that have happened to you that day will likely brighten someone else’s day and teach you gratitude.
– being kind to just one person, once, can have a huge impact; even if we don’t see it.
– supporting one woman, or one women’s rights movement, or sharing a petition, or sticking up for another woman will encourage people to do the same, and will make that woman feel good.
   The smallest things really can make the biggest difference, and so we need to begin recognising the importance of our words and actions, and really see the impact they have.

Getting Help is Relieving
2018 was the year I finally went to my GP about my mental health, began taking antidepressants, and had Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – and honestly, it’s one of the bes things I’ve ever done.  
   I didn’t think simply making a phone call to book the initial appointment would take such a weight off me, but it did!  
   Since seeing a doctor, I also encouraged two of my friends to do the same, and so the three of us are all on the road to getting the help we need, and that’s pretty amazing if you ask me.

What did you learn from 2018, and what are you going to keep in mind going into 2019?

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6 thoughts on “Things 2018 Taught Me”

  1. all of these life lessons are so important, i feel like self love is something i realized was very important last year to and i’m gonna do my best this year to make sure i’m working on it (: i was thinking of doing a “18 things i learned in 2018” but even tho the title sounds cool i don’t think i learned 18 lessons 😂 great post !!

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  2. In 2019 I learned to separate my sense of self esteem from my body image. After I had my baby in January, I loved myself unconditionally. While my body might not be my ideal weight or shape, it didn’t stop me from living my life or loving and accepting myself. That has been a huge breakthrough for me. This year I want to lose weight but I already feel good about myself regardless.
    I learned I need to be more decisive about some stuff in my private life.
    I learned to stop following Instagram “influencers” who are only in it for the money and not for the love also.

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