January Favourites 2019

It’s been a quiet month here on my blog for a number of reasons, but there are so many things I’ve been enjoying whilst on my break, I just had to share them with you.
   I’m hoping to be back up and running with my blog as soon as possible, as I’ve definitely missed writing, but as always, I’ll be keeping you posted on my social medias! Thank you for bearing with me, here’s the things I’ve been loving this month.

Social Media: Bookstagram
If you read my post “Feeling Lost” in which I talked about taking a break from my blog, you’ll know I started up a Bookstagram to help get me back into reading (and then, writing). 
   I’ve loved setting up and using a Bookstagram, although I’ve been a little quiet over there too, and it’s opening me up to a whole new community and is definitely inspiring me to read more.
   You can find me at @keeleyrosereads if you’d like to!

Author: Lang Leav
Following on nicely from my last point, I’ve made a new discovery this month! I’ve managed to purchase not one, not two, but three books by Lang Leav, and my boyfriend has bought me a fourth for my birthday!
   I purchased two of her poetry books, and her novel “Sad Girls” and I’ve fallen in love with her words. I’ve wanted to buy more poetry books for a while now, as I only owned both of Rupo Kaur’s, and Lang Leav was definitely the perfect choice. 
   If you love poetry, I’d highly recommend her!

Playlist: ‘Easy’ by Spotify
When I’m reading, writing, cleaning my room, or driving to work, I love having music that puts me in a “chill” mood. The ‘Easy’ playlist by Spotify does just this!
   The summary for the playlist is “Laid back sounds to see you through your day” and that’s exactly what it does. It’s the perfect listen for whatever I’m doing, and it’s introduced me to so many artists I had never listened to beforehand.
   I’m definitely going to be incorporating most of this playlist into a personal playlist of my own.

Beauty Product: The Body Shop Vanilla Marshmallow Range
For Christmas, I was gifted the Vanilla Marshmallow body scrub, body wash, and body lotion; it’s safe to say I am absolutely obsessed with all of them.
   I often find that the scents from my soaps don’t tend to stay much longer than a few hours, but using all three of these products together means the scent lasts so long! Even if I only use one, I’m sure to be smelling Vanilla Marshmallow for at least the whole day.
   This range is beautiful, and it’s definitely one to stock up on!

Documentary: Abducted in Plain Sight, Netflix
I’m always looking for a good true crime documentary, but I actually stumbled upon this one unexpectedly one night when I was just scrolling through Netflix.
   I won’t give too much away, but the documentary follows the story of Jan Broberg who was abducted by a trusted neighbour, Robert Berchtold, TWICE.
   I was completely gripped to this story, and I couldn’t believe how many times I said “what the actual f*ck is going on” out loud, to myself, at midnight. There were so many twist and turns, and the whole story is just jawdropping!
  If like me, you love true crime, don’t give this one a miss.

What things have you been loving this January? Let me know!

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