My Amsterdam Bucket List

For a long while now, I’ve been desperately trying to get my boyfriend to commit to booking a holiday with me, as it was something we had always talked about but never acted on. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I convinced him, and we’ve booked a trip to Amsterdam in October!

Now, October is of course seven months away, but there’s no toning down my excitement.
   Amsterdam is somewhere I’ve been wanting to go for so long now, and the second it was booked I was thinking up all the blog posts I could write about the trip – so to kick it all off, here’s a mini ‘bucket list’ of things I want to do in Amsterdam!

Visit the Museums
I don’t think it’s possible to visit Amsterdam and not stroll around their museums, especially with so many to choose from. 
   The museums at the top of my list are: the Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank’s House, and the Tropenmuseum.

Cruise the Canals
In the past, I’ve been on a boat along the Thames and the Seine, so I’d love to take a canal cruise and see Amsterdam “from below”. When in Amsterdam, how can you not?

Eat in some Quaint Cafes
To prepare for our trip, I’ve been searching online for some good places to eat, and I’ve found so many! A few cafes have followed me on Instagram, which has led me to finding even more cafes through their accounts – I don’t know how we’re going to fit even half of them in.

Visit the Zoo
ARTIS Zoo is quickly making its way high up in my list of things I want to do in Amsterdam, and I think I’m drawn in by those incredible elephants! I’ve seen so many pictures of the zoo lately, I don’t think I’ll be able to resist the visit.

Up my Photography Game
Amsterdam’s unique architecture, quaint canals, and beautiful streets are just waiting to be photographed – I can’t wait to use up all my Polaroid film and fill the space on my camera’s memory card. Honestly, I can’t get enough of seeing other people’s pictures, so I’m looking forward to creating my own!

As much as I’m going to enjoy visiting all your typical tourist spots, I’d love to take the time to explore some of the lesser-known gems of Amsterdam, so I definitely need to do some research. I can tell we’re going to be spending a lot of time wandering quieter streets and popping in and out of smaller shops and cafes. If you’ve been before and have any recommendations – please let me know!

Have you been to Amsterdam before? Be sure to leave me your recommendations! If you haven’t been to Amsterdam, what would you do if you went?

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5 thoughts on “My Amsterdam Bucket List”

  1. I’ve been wanting to go to Amsterdam for such a long time! I’ve always been really interested in Anne Frank and so I’d love to visit the museum. The canals are also so pretty! I look forward to seeing your photos 😊


  2. Yesss I absolutely LOVED Amsterdam when I went! The sex museum is hilarious and Bodyworlds is super interesting too! Make sure you book Anne Frank tickets in advance as we diidn’t end up being able to go because we left it too late, oops. Out of all the museums, I’d definitely recommend visiting Stedelijk – we visited the other two but to be honest got quite bored and Stedelijk is modern art so it’s a complete mixture of things and has rotating exhibitions too!
    Alice Xx

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