May Monthly Favourites

This month, I’m switching things up a little with my monthly favourites post, as I haven’t really been using anything different!
  So, this month, instead of recommending a variety of products / general things I’ve been loving, I thought I’d share my Netflix recommendations instead.


Biography-Crime | Narcos
I’ve been working my way through Narcos throughout April/May with my boyfriend, and I’ve loved every episode of it!
  If you like crime, TV shows based on real life events, and have some weird fascinations with the drug trade (not like I do or anything…), then this is definitely a show for you.

Movie | The Silence
If you liked ‘A Quiet Place’ you’ll love The Silence!
  Starring Kiernan Shipka from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, this movie runs along the same themes as ‘A Quiet Place’ in terms of blind creatures that rely on their hearing, but I personally much preferred this movie and storyline to that of ‘A Quiet Place’.

Documentary | Louis Theroux: Dark States – Heroin Town
Anyone who knows me will know just how much I adore Louis Theroux; he is easily my favourite journalist / documentary filmmaker!
  I’m always waiting for his next documentary series, and so when this edition of ‘Dark States’ came out, I had to watch it.
  As always, Louis Theroux has in no way failed to create a gripping documentary, so I’d definitely recommend it!

Comedy-Horror | Santa Clarita Diet
The three seasons Santa Clarita Diet was given were truly great, and when I found out they were cancelling it, I was heartbroken!
  This Netflix Original series is about a real estate agent who dies and comes back as a zombie. From then, hers and her husband’s life seriously changes, but it’s pretty damn funny but maintains and intriguing storyline.

Comedy | One Day at a Time
We all know that One Day at a Time is a brilliant show that should never have been cancelled, and anyone who knows me will know that I’m never going to stop talking about how much I love this show, and how wrong it was to cancel it.
  This show is about a Cuban family living in the US, and it tackles racism, homophobia and coming out, PTSD, alcohol addiction, and so much more. It’s both informative and deep, yet a lighthearted and easy watch.
  One Day at a Time is easily one of my favourite shows ever – and I’m sure it would be yours too!

What have you been loving on Netflix recently?

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