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Eco-Friendly Travel Essentials

Tourism has a huge impact on the environment, and can really do its damage if we aren’t travelling responsibly.
Eco-tourism is becoming a new way to travel, involving people staying with local families or in small locally-owned hotels, doing what they can to minimise their impact on the location they’re travelling to, and making sure they are helping the local area by shopping locally, respecting the local people and areas, and more.

How can you make sure you’re travelling more sustainably? Well, it can be a process, but here’s some eco-friendly travel essentials to get you started, featuring photographs from my travels.

Solid Shampoo & Conditioner
Not only does this minimise the struggle of not over-packing liquids, it also minimises the amount of plastic waste generated from toiletries. 
   In places such as Lush, they still reusable containers for their solid products, making them perfect for travel. And, no need to worry about spillages in your luggage!


Reusable Waterbottle & Coffee Cup
By now, everyone knows how awful disposable waterbottles are for our environment, and for our bank accounts! Travelling with a reusable watterbottle will not only save you money, but it will be all-round more convenient, and definitely kinder to the environment around you.
   If you’re travelling somewhere with a low water quality, you can even purchase eco-friendly water filters which will keep your drinking water safe, while still allowing you to use your own bottle.
The same goes for coffee cups too – keeping a travel mug on you is much less impactful than using and disposing of single-use cups.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste
At home, I switched to using a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush, and this will definitely travel with me as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic toothbrushes. I use Ecodenta toothpaste at home, but for travelling, products such as Lush’s Toothy Tabs are great, as they once again minimise the risk of spillages and are all round a little more convenient for travel. 


Reusable Cotton Pads
Ditch the disposable makeup remover wipes and cotton rounds, and switch to reusable cotton pads! I picked up a pack of ten on Etsy for just over £5, and I still have and use them a year later. 
   They are stocked all over the internet, or, you could make your own from old t-shirts, flannels, and other soft materials.
   These will minimise the waste you produce whilst you’re travelling, and save space in your bags as you’ll only need a few to take with you!

Reusable Canvas Bags
We all do a little bit of shopping when we’re travelling, but that doesn’t mean we should revert to using single-use carrier bags!
   When travelling, always make sure to pack your trusty reusable canvas bags, and use those instead.


Ocean-Friendly Sunscreen
You may wonder, what do you mean by ‘Ocean-Friendly Sunscreen’? Well, sunscreen contains many ingredients that can have a huge impact on our oceans. The reason we have to apply and reapply sunscreen is because it washes off in the water – and once it does, it plays its part in coral bleaching, reef deformity, and even coral death!
   Many eco-friendly brands are developing sunscreen that has little to no impact on our oceans, so be sure to travel with “reef safe” sunscreen.

Reusable Utensils
When travelling, I often eat on the go if I’m filling my days with exploring, but buying street food / food to go can often lead to lots of waste.
   There are so many fab sets on websites such as Amazon consisting of a knife, fork, spoon, straw, and tub which will allow you to eat on the go, minus the waste!

La Sagrada Familia 2

What are some of your eco friendly travel essentials?

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7 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Travel Essentials”

    1. I’ve only recently been thinking about supporting local business as it supports and maintains the local economy, and usually if things are handmade / produced by small business there’s less impact from huge factories and shipping etc!

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  1. Thanks for sharing real facts on how we can all make traveling better instead of completely shunning people for traveling. Small steps come before big ones. I have been thinking how to travel more on less. You have any blogs for that?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment! I’d be such a hypocrite if I shunned people for travelling – I care so much about the environment but I’m also so passionate about travelling, so I just try and get the balance right as much as I can!
      I don’t yet have any posts on how to travel more on less, but it’s definitely on my list of content ideas so I will do eventually!


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