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Summertime Hygge

Lovers of Hygge and all-things-cosy may resent the summertime just a little; having to say good-bye to cosy blankets and snug pyjamas, take a break from fireplaces and hot chocolates, and switch out fuzzy socks and warm jumpers for sandals and sundresses.
But all is not lost…

   Although often overlooked, you can still find Hygge and cosiness in summertime, here’s how.

Spend the Evening at the Beach
Warmer and lighter evenings mean one thing – evenings spent on the beach with friends, toasting marshmallows over a crappy barbecue, stargazing, and listening to chilled-out tunes. Bonus Hygge-Points for light blankets in case of a slightly chilly breeze!

Watch the Sunrise or Sunset
Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, there’s an opportunity for you! Wake up early to watch the sunrise with a cup of tea, or stay up later and watch the sunset with a blanket.
For extra-cosiness, add a cat, dog, or other four-legged companion to your lap!

Do some Painting
What is summertime without pastels and watercolours? Make the most of the warm weather and summer flowers, pick up a paintbrush, and get painting!
   Paint in your garden, in your home, or get out in nature and paint in the great outdoors.

Make a start on your Summer Reading List
Some books are just meant to be read in summer! Find somewhere peaceful, pick out a book from your Summer TBR list, and read to your heart’s content.
   Once again, you can read in your garden, at home, or in the outdoors – maybe choose a lakeside setting or a flower-filled park for the ultimate summertime Hygge experience.

Go on a Camping Trip
Is anything more Hygge than waking up to the sound of ducks quacking behind your tent at 4am? Okay…maybe that’s not the best example of camping Hygge…
   Camping trips are perfect for road-tripping, long walks through the woods or by a lake, reading / painting / photography, and quality time spent with friends and family.

Pick some Fresh Flowers
The summertime equivalent of decorating your home with pumpkins. My personal favourite flower to bring some summertime Hygge into my home is a sunflower, adding a beautiful pop of colour to any room.

Eat Ice Cream
One thing that winter doesn’t have that summer does, is ice cream trucks! Nothing is better in the summer than sitting on the beach with a Mr Whippy / 99, but you can’t go wrong with ice lollies and ice cream from the supermarket too.
   Summer – 1. Winter – 0

Summertime hygge.png

What do you do to bring Hygge into your life during summer?

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