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Blogger’s Guide to Productivity

When juggling a full or part-time job, social life, family life, and a blog, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and let things slip.
   We’re all guilty of letting our blogs take a back seat sometimes, and personally, I want to let that happen as infrequently as I can – and there’s some specific things I’m doing to help myself out.

Put Social Media Aside for a While
This may sound counter-productive because our blogs are technically social media, but what I mean here is to stop scrolling and scrolling indefinitely through your Twitter timeline or Facebook feed, and focus on your blog as much as you can instead.

   Trading ten minutes of timeline scrolling for ten minutes of blog post planning can have a great impact on your motivation and productivity for your blog!

Make the Most of your Mornings
It can be all too easy to hit the snooze button in the mornings, or better yet, turn off your alarm but make no effort at all to get out of bed anytime soon. I’ll hold my hands up to this one – I definitely do this more often than I’d like to admit!
   I find that the quicker I get out of bed, the more ready I am to take on the day and tackle my to do list. So, get up when your alarm goes off, grab a hot drink, and start your day off right.

Set Achievable Goals
Nothing good comes of too-high expectations. When you set yourself unreachable goals and inevitably don’t hit them, it sends you straight into a slump that can be pretty hard to get out of sometimes. 
   The more achievable your goals are, the more likely it is for you to reach them, and from there, your motivation and productivity will skyrocket, allowing you to go for those higher goals! 

Plan and Schedule Ahead
Creating content last-minute is not only stressful, but often means we’re putting out material that’s less genuine than what we would like to post, because really in this case we’re posting for the sake of posting.
   There is nothing fun about scrambling to get a post up on time, so my number one piece of advice is to write as much as you can when you get the chance, and to plan as far ahead as you can!

Keep your Ideas in One Accessible Place
When I find myself with a spare half an hour or so, and I really want to get ahead and start drafting up a post, it’s the most annoying thing when I know I had some ideas for a post written down somewhere, but I can’t remember where!
It’s not convenient to carry around my blogging notebook all the time, and so I try and keep notes on my phone or Google Docs so I can access my list of post ideas on the go, instead of just at home.

Utilise your Planner & Calendar
Planners and calendars aren’t only for life-events, they’re absolutely perfect for planning, scheduling, and tracking your blog content.
   I personally have a pocket-sized planner which is easy enough to pop in my bag and take around with me, and I use this for work, my personal life, and my blog, so all my plans and commitments are in one place.
Make note of when blog posts are going live, when blog events are happening, when you’re posting on your social media, etc, and you’ll find it much easier to be productive; you can even schedule in time to sit down and focus on your blog this way too!

Have a Blogging Routine
If you’re the sort of person who really needs to plan things in and do things in a particular way, then make sure to establish a good blogging routine which allows you to fully immerse yourself in your blog!
   For me, I blog on my days off work. I wake up early, make a cup of tea, sit down on the sofa with my laptop and my notebook, listen to a chilled-out playlist, and just write as much as I can. 
   The same routine won’t work for everybody, so it’s definitely a case of trial and error to establish a routine that works for you!

Make a Productivity Playlist
When I need to focus I’ll listen to music on Spotify, and there’s a few specifications this music needs to meet.
   Generally, I listen to Spotify’s “Chill Vibes” playlist, which is full of laid-back songs usually by artists I’ve never listened to before! For me, this is great, but sometimes I like to listen to my own version of their “Chill Vibes” playlist with artists I do know, and songs that put me in a good mood to keep my motivation going.

Keep your Environment Tidy
There is nothing worse than a messy desk / bedroom / environment when you’re trying to sit down and focus. 
   I definitely can’t get things done when there’s too much tidying up to do, so my advice would be to tidy up after yourself in the evenings, so if you wake up with a spark of productivity, it isn’t killed by having to tidy up first.

Minimise Distractions
This goes hand-in-hand with avoiding social media scrolling, but with a wider range of things you can consider to be distractions.
   Again, distractions are definitely subjective. Some people can work with a TV show on in the background, some people can focus when listening to music, and some people need total silence. Like I said before, I love a good chilled playlist to help me focus, but it’s about finding what works for you and rolling with that!

Use Templates
You may have noticed that the majority of my post headers and Pinterest pinnables are pretty much the same. 
   I use the same font and same layouts on all my graphics now, and simply change the words and image to fit my post. I can now put together my header and Pinterest pinnables in a matter of minutes, which is great when I’m shorter on time.
   People underestimate just how much time it can take to customise all these things every time you use them, so sticking to templates is a massive relief!

Stock Pile your Photographs
Taking a bunch of generic photos every now and again, and saving them to use on a later date is perfect for when you don’t have time to take new photos!
I personally haven’t done this too much yet, but it’s something I’m hoping to start doing more in the future, as I’d love to have more photographs in my posts.

Don’t Push Yourself
Finally, nothing kills your productivity more than pushing yourself too hard to be productive.
   If something’s not working for you, take a step back and evaluate why, then adjust what you’re doing and make it work for you.
   Know that it’s okay to take a break, whether it’s ten minutes out of your day, or a week / month of no posts. In my opinion, if you keep people in the know and have already built a loyal audience, they’ll be waiting for you when you get back, and your content will be even better!

What do you do to stay productive? Leave your tips in the comments to help everyone out!

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