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As I live quite locally, I spend a lot of my time in Brighton. 
   Generally, I mooch about around the shops in Churchill Square; if I’m feeling adventurous I’ll wander into the lanes; but it’s rare I partake in any of the typical (or not so typical) ‘tourist’ attractions.

I love the idea of being a tourist in my own town and finding actual things to do with my time, and so recently that’s exactly what I’ve been doing! Here’s a few things I’ve done recently that I’d definitely recommend if you’re in the area.

The British Airways i360
The British Airways i360 is an observation tower on Brighton’s seafront, standing 162-metres tall.
   If I’m being honest, when I saw what looked to be a towering concrete cylinder, I wasn’t all that impressed, and never went out of my way to go on it.
   When my cousin was visiting from Scotland, we headed to Brighton for the day along with my boyfriend, grandparents, and my auntie; the six of us booked our tickets a couple of days in advance, and up we went! Each “flight” costs just under £15 per adult, however they do have student prices too.
   Despite the muggy weather, the views from the i360 are great, and even for someone who’s not all that keen on heights, I really enjoyed the experience, and would definitely recommend it.
They also had a lovely gift shop with some artwork of Brighton which I loved (but didn’t buy), some Eco-friendly products like waterbottles, candles, etc. and other locally / handmade items.


The Upside Down House
I had caught sight of this turquoise blue, upside down building a few times as I was driving along the seafront, but had never been able to work out what it was until I came across it on Instagram.
The second I saw it, I knew I had to go, and so when my cousin was visiting I roped her and my boyfriend into coming with me.
The Upside Down House is an art installation on the Brighton Seafront, which is literally an upside down house. Inside, all the furniture is on the ceiling, allowing you to take photographs and flip them upside down to create the illusion that you are upside down.
For less than £5 each to get inside, you really can’t go wrong, and it was great fun trying out different poses for photographs; some of them turned out so good!
Supposedly, the decor within the house changes depending on the season, and so I’m hoping to go back around Halloween as their website says it gets a lot scarier…I’m intrigued.


This was another thing I’ve seen so many times but had never been to until now.
Globalls is a mini golf played under ultraviolet light with brightly painted dinosaurs in their Jurassic course, and other animals in their Safari course.
My boyfriend and I went here on our latest date night and opted for the Jurassic course, and we had a great time (I won, just saying).
It’s just £5.50 per person per game which isn’t bad at all. The course is quite small but they make the most of the space, so we spent about an hour there altogether.
Personally, I think GLOBALLS is fun no matter how old you are, so it makes a great day out for families or for couples / groups of friends. We’re planning on going back soon with Toby’s brother and his boyfriend to do the safari course, honestly, I’m pretty excited (and I’ll probably win again…)


Escape Game Brighton
I had never done an escape room before but had always wanted to. Toby’s mum actually bought the experience for myself, Toby, his brother Sam, and Sam’s boyfriend to do together, and it made for a really fun evening out.
We did the ‘Mad Scientist’ room, however there were a few different ones to go for (Sam had already done the Murder on the Pier one, which I had wanted to do originally), so it’s definitely somewhere you can go back to!
Not to brag or anything, but we managed to complete the room in just over twenty minutes, making us almost the record breakers for this particular Escape Game; the record being twenty minutes.
With an hour to solve the puzzle, there’s plenty of time for petty arguments over clues, loads of time spent super confused, and even more time spent being super chuffed with yourself when you start solving something.
The experience was such a laugh and a great evening, and I’d love to do another escape room in the future!

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Have you been to Brighton? What’s your favourite thing to do there? Let me know! There’s definitely more things I’d love to try out next time I’m there.

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20 thoughts on “Travel | Things to do in Brighton”

    1. Oh brilliant! I hope you have a fab time. Definitely try and get to the Upside Down House if you can.
      I’d recommend choosing the Jungle themed Globalls course. It’s bigger and is much more fun than the dinosaurs to be honest!


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