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August Monthly Favourites

Summer is nearly over, and Autumn is almost on it’s way. It’s that time of year that is super conflicting, but it’s been a pretty good Summer regardless.
   It’s about time for another Monthly Favourites post, this time, for August – so let’s get into what I’ve been loving.

Jumper – Top Shop
You might be thinking: “Jumper? In Summer?” which I completely understand, but it’s this time of year that the weather starts experiencing some mood swings, and so if I’m out in the evening, this jumper is a must. 
   I couldn’t tell you why I love this jumper so much, but I picked it up the second I saw it, and I’m so glad I did. It’s so cosy and flattering that I can’t not love it, and I know it’s going to be well-worn throughout the Autumn and Winter months, and it’ll definitely be in my suitcase for my trip to Amsterdam!

Sleek Contour / Blush / Highlighter Palette
My sister gave this to me a while ago and I’ve been using it ever since, and it’s quickly become my favourite highlighter. It is just so damn pigmented I love it.
   Once again, this will definitely be coming with me to Amsterdam, as it’s so convenient to have a contour, blush, and highlighter in one slim palette (perfect for travelling with), and the shades of each one are beautiful and really complimentary.
   I’m not usually one for contour or blush, but this palette has definitely changed me.

FFS Razor (Gifted)
You can read my full review of this here, but I am so glad I made the switch from disposable razors to this one!
   Not only is it beautiful to look at (rose gold is just stunning), but it’s eco-friendly too. This will also be coming with me to Amsterdam, as it comes with a useful carry-pouch and cover to keep it safe on my travels.

Taylor Swift ‘Lover’
Once again, you can read my more detailed thoughts on this album in an upcoming blog post, but I absolutely adored this album and every song on it! 
   If you haven’t listened to it already, make sure you do – it’s definitely one of Taylor’s best albums yet.

2019-2020 Diary TK Maxx
A little bit random, but I picked up two new diaries from TK Maxx recently to get ready for the New Year; one smaller one to take around with me, and a slightly bigger and more detailed one to keep at home for serious-planning. 
   Both designs are absolutely beautiful and they’re obviously so useful to have, and they were great value for money too.
I love the illusion of being organised and productive, so these diaries definitely do the trick.

‘When They See Us’, Netflix
I had heard a lot of talk about this show, but I only recently got round to watching it, and I was absolutely stunned when I did.
   If you haven’t watched it or heard of it, ‘When They See Us’ is a Netflix miniseries about the 1989 case in which a jogger was assaulted in Central Park, and five children were accused and trialed, and made to seem guilty, despite being completely innocent.
Every episode of this show had me in tears, as I could not believe that something like this had really happened, and how police, investigators, and the entire justice system can be so openly racist.
If you’re interested in crime cases, and based-on-truth series, this one is definitely for you.

‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ by Jenny Han
This was a super easy, lighthearted, summery read, which only took a few hours for me to read.
   I love a chilled read in the summer, and this was definitely on theme for the month, so if you’re looking for a book you can read on vacation somewhere sunny, this book is definitely one to pick up.

What have you been loving this August?

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