My Thoughts on ‘Lover’

The hour it took to listen to ‘Lover‘ was, like the journey leading up to it, a roller coaster. 
   Taylor Swift’s seventh album is unlike any of the albums before it; not only because of it’s eighteen tracks (the most songs on any of her albums), but because of the place Taylor is at in her life now.
In the years leading up to ‘Lover’, it’s fair to say that Taylor had a rough time, with ridiculous levels of drama and hate being sent in her direction, but she has successfully made it out the other side and she’s come out stronger by doing so – both in herself and in her music. 

To me, ‘Lover‘ feels like more than just a new chapter in Taylor Swift’s life, it’s a whole new book. She has completely rewritten the rules for how she is portrayed in the media, and how she lives her life. 
   Despite being screwed over by multiple people (Kanye West, Scooter Braun, and Scott Borchetta, to name a few), and despite the difficult things going on in her personal life, Taylor has found the perfect balance of what she shares with us, and what she keeps private, and whilst doing so; she is in a much better place now than she has been over the past few years, and she has created a beautiful album which I’ve kept on repeat ever since its release date.

‘Lover’ is made up of dance-around-your-bedroom bops, a feminist anthem, a heartbreaking yet hopeful song about her mother, a song about her life-long friend, and love songs that show all aspects of being in love; from falling completely head-over-heels in love with someone, to relationship anxiety and self-sabotage. All in all, every single song on this album shows a different aspect of Taylor’s vulnerability.

I honestly think this album is one of Taylor’s best, if not the best, and it’s definitely my favourite so far.

Favourite Tracks: I Forgot That You Existed, Paper Rings, Lover, Afterglow, Cruel Summer…..I think? With songs this good, it’s so hard to decide!

If you haven’t already, give the album a listen.

What are your favourite songs from ‘Lover’, and what did you think of the album?

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5 thoughts on “My Thoughts on ‘Lover’”

  1. I’ve always been a huge fan of Taylor swift’s old music (from Fearless and Red) and I felt like her most recent albums just weren’t as great and I thought I would never love her music again. But when I heard “Lover” I was like wow this is like partially old Taylor swift but also a new side of her too and I loved it! I feel like it’s so much more raw & genuine.
    My favourites are: Death by a Thousand Cuts, The Archer, Lover and The Man

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