How to Stay Motivated for Blogtober

Welcome back to another Blogtober post. We’re roughly halfway through the month now, and at this point it can be so difficult to stay motivated to finish the challenge, but I think we can all do it!
   If you’ve taken on the Blogtober challenge too and are finding yourself slacking a little or getting into a bit of a writing slump, hopefully, these tips will help you pick yourself back up and complete this blogging month.

Plan Ahead
This may be too-little-too-late, but if you still have the time to sit down and get some things done in advance, that’s definitely the best way to go about it!
   Try scheduling some posts in advance, planning out your social media posting schedules, and getting as prepared for the remaining time as you can.
Personally, I have a diary and use the notes section on my phone to make sure I know what’s going on when, and so I can always jot down ideas when inspiration strikes.

Get Involved with Other Bloggers
There’s nothing more motivating than sharing the Blogtober experience with other bloggers. Being able to share ideas, motivate each other, and help each other over hurdles makes the whole month so much easier and much more fun.
Try and find another blogger or a group to chat to, or make your own little group and invite people to it. Blogtober is so much fun, but even more so when you can experience it with others.

Be Organised
Make lists of blog post ideas, plan days out / activities which you’ll be able to write about, schedule in time to sit down and plan or write posts, and just do what you can to stay on top of your blogging schedule.
   It can be so difficult to post every day, but the more organised you are, the more motivated you’ll stay!

Find Inspiration
When I need inspiration, Pinterest is probably my go-to. Whether I need post ideas, recipes for Autumnal foods, photography inspiration, and pretty much anything else, Pinterest is one of the best places.
   I also find that keeping lists on my phone of post ideas, reading other blogger’s posts, and chatting to people on social media about Blogtober really gets you inspired and motivated.
   Another great thing to do is have an Autumn mood board on your phone, Pinterest, or a physical mood board – full of Autumnal pictures, quotes, and anything else that will give you inspiration. I also have an Autumn playlist to put on when I’m writing and planning which helps too!

How do you stay motivated during Blogging Challenges?

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