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October Reading Recommendations

The Bone Keeper by Luca Veste You can read my full review for this book from last Blogtober here, but I couldn't write this post without giving this book a mention.    This was the perfect book to read in the Halloween season, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who loves a crime /… Continue reading October Reading Recommendations


Reasons to Love Autumn

If you let it, Autumn can be a magical season. Sure, it has its downsides, but there are so many beautiful aspects of the autumn months that just can't be overlooked! Here's just a few reasons to fall in love with Autumn. It has a beautiful colour palette The cosy colours of Autumn are some… Continue reading Reasons to Love Autumn


How to Stay Motivated for Blogtober

Welcome back to another Blogtober post. We're roughly halfway through the month now, and at this point it can be so difficult to stay motivated to finish the challenge, but I think we can all do it!    If you've taken on the Blogtober challenge too and are finding yourself slacking a little or getting… Continue reading How to Stay Motivated for Blogtober

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Amstergram – Travel Photo Diary

Excuse the pun, I couldn't resist!     Whilst I'm getting together all my posts on Amsterdam, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite pictures I snapped on my trip, and Amsterdam is such a beautiful city, it's hard to capture just how beautiful it is in pictures. So, here's a… Continue reading Amstergram – Travel Photo Diary

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Unboxing Papergang’s October Box

*Although I have previously been gifted a box by Papergang, my current subscription is paid for myself, and I have not been asked to post about their product. This month, Papergang have paired up with the Blurt Foundation - a charity spreading awareness of depression, and working to support those who have it. Each sale… Continue reading Unboxing Papergang’s October Box


My Autumn Playlist

Autumn is a tricky season for me; as much as I love the cosiness of big jumpers, blankets, and hot drinks, the weather really gets me down.     There are a few things I do to combat the doom and gloom side to Autumn, and one of those things is making a playlist of songs… Continue reading My Autumn Playlist


Not-So-Scary Movies to Watch this Fall

I love a good movie, but I love them even more when it’s rainy outside and I can curl up on the sofa with a blanket and a cup of tea. As there’s plenty of rainy days in the Autumn months, I’ve put together a list of movies that give me Autumn-vibes, perfect for rainy-day… Continue reading Not-So-Scary Movies to Watch this Fall

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10 Spooky Locations I’d Love to Visit

Travelling is, of course, something I love to do - and something that fascinates me is the idea of travelling to haunted or just plain eerie locations around the world.   I’ve watched countless shows which have inspired some of the places on this list (Buzzfeed Unsolved, Ghost Adventures, The Dark Tourist, to name a… Continue reading 10 Spooky Locations I’d Love to Visit

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Ways to Spend a Cosy Autumn Evening

Does anything go better with the autumnal aesthetic than a cosy night in? I don't think so!     When the evenings get darker, the weather cools down, and the golden glow creeps in, it's time to wind down and relax, and enjoy a cosy autumn evening at home. Here's all you'll need... Movie Night A… Continue reading Ways to Spend a Cosy Autumn Evening

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What’s in my Hand Luggage? Amsterdam Edition

While you’re reading this, I’m somewhere in Amsterdam. Perhaps I’m visiting the Anne Frank House, or maybe I’m cruising down one of the canals!   I’m a sucker for a good “what’s in my bag / suitcase / purse” post, and so I thought why not write one of my own for my trip to… Continue reading What’s in my Hand Luggage? Amsterdam Edition