Lush Halloween – What I Bought

One thing that really peaks my excitement for October is the release of the Lush Halloween Range. This year, it was released on Friday the 13th of September, and I just couldn’t help but buy some bits on release day! Some of the range was the same as the previous year, and so I didn’t… Continue reading Lush Halloween – What I Bought

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#Gifted – Friction Free Shaving | The Best Women’s Razor

Two billion disposable razors go to landfill every year, contributing to over one million pounds of plastic that be on our planet longer than we will. By switching to eco-friendly shaving alternatives, we could reduce that amount of plastic significantly - find out how, with Friction Free Shaving.

Blogtober 2018, Eco-Friendly / Cruelty-Free

Brands I Wish Were Cruelty Free

In recent years, I’ve been trying my hardest to ditch products from brands who test on animals, and though I’ve done and am doing pretty well, it’s definitely not the easiest thing to do. There are so many brands I wish were cruelty free, as I’m always seeing gorgeous products only to be disappointed when I find out they’re not cruelty free. Here are the brands I wish were cruelty free!

Blogtober 2018, Eco-Friendly / Cruelty-Free

How To: Eco-Friendly / Sustainable Halloween

I’ve talked a lot on my blog about living a more eco-friendly, sustainable, and/or cruelty free lifestyle, but one thing I’ve not talked about as much is how to maintain that lifestyle around the holidays!   As it’s Blogtober, I thought it would be fitting to write a guide or ‘how to’ for Halloween!