Autumn Netflix Recommendations

Unbelievable This is a based-on-true-events mini series, added to Netflix in September. I watched the first couple of episodes at a friend's house and I couldn't resist finishing it when I got home! It's definitely not a lighthearted, relaxed watch,  but if you're into true crime and can handle a heavy plotline, I couldn't recommend… Continue reading Autumn Netflix Recommendations

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September Monthly Favourites

September is over, which means one thing: Spooky Season is finally here! So, it's time to say goodbye to September and hello to Spooktober. Here's what I loved this month. Yorkshire Tea - Bedtime Tea A colleague at work had been raving about this tea for so long, and when I saw it on offer… Continue reading September Monthly Favourites


A Day Out at Bletchley Park

The sunshine over the bank holiday weekend was absolutely stunning, and I'm so glad my family made the most of it on our day trip to Milton Keynes to visit Bletchley Park.    Early in the morning, my dad, my boyfriend, and I all hopped into my dad's van to pick up my Grandpop and… Continue reading A Day Out at Bletchley Park

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August Monthly Favourites

Summer is nearly over, and Autumn is almost on it's way. It's that time of year that is super conflicting, but it's been a pretty good Summer regardless.    It's about time for another Monthly Favourites post, this time, for August - so let's get into what I've been loving. Jumper - Top Shop You… Continue reading August Monthly Favourites

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#Gifted – Friction Free Shaving | The Best Women’s Razor

Two billion disposable razors go to landfill every year, contributing to over one million pounds of plastic that be on our planet longer than we will. By switching to eco-friendly shaving alternatives, we could reduce that amount of plastic significantly - find out how, with Friction Free Shaving.