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Halloween Cupcakes

I’m not a hugely experienced baker, and so I frequently buy box-mixes to bake with. It’s less mess, more convenient, and much more likely to turn out good than if I baked from scratch. Nevertheless, I did want to share my Halloween cupcakes with you, to inspire some Halloween baking for yourself!

First, I headed to my local Tesco to pick up the “ingredients” I needed: a cake mix, cupcake cases, icing, and some decor.

I opted for a red velvet cake mix as it’s one of my favourite types of cake, and I thought that the red colour would look great for Halloween.


For the cupcake cases, I picked up these cute black and orange cases with a ghost pattern on them, and to continue the black and orange theme, I grabbed a tube of two-coloured icing.


And for the decor, I bought some little icing shapes of ghosts, tombstones, witches, and pumpkins, and some paper spiderwebs. 

Of course, to make these cupcakes the nice and simple way I did, all you need to do is pour the mix into a bowl, add the eggs, water, and oil, mix it together, and pour it out into the cupcake cases. After that, just pop them in the oven for the time stated, allow them to cool, and then decorate however you please!

The mix ended up making about 20 cupcakes which is fab if you’re throwing a Halloween party. Or, if you’re like me, that’s 4 cupcakes a day for the next five days…


To decorate, I used my icing and icing shapes as well as my spiderwebs to make a simple but effective Halloween-cupcake.

What sweet treats are you making this year?

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