Top 10 Favourite Albums

Recently, I've loved reading/watching people talk about their music collections and favourite albums, so, I thought it was about time I shared my own favourite albums in the form of a Top 10, as there's so many I could choose from.

Eco-Friendly / Cruelty-Free

My Eco-Friendly Wishlist

This year, I’ve been making more Eco-conscious purchases, but there’s still a long list of products I’d like to buy! So here's 5 things on my Eco-Friendly Wishlist.


My Favourite 80s Movies

In 2015, I was in the car on the way to Vancouver, Canada, from Portland, Oregon. I had finished my book on my Kindle and had no wifi to download another one, and so I turned to my iPad on which I had downloaded a couple of films and episodes of TV shows to keep me occupied.   One of those films was The Breakfast Club...


5 Places I’d Love to Visit in Europe

Since I began working in the travel industry, I have found more and more destinations I would one day like to visit, and so I decided to compile a list of places I would love to visit in Europe!

Self-Care and Well-Being

Mental Health

With it being mental health awareness week, I thought I would write a post related to that, as mental health is so, so important to general health and wellbeing, yet it is too often ignored and not taken seriously, which is why it remains a growing issue.