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Winter Bucket List

With freezing cold days and even colder nights, it can be so hard to find things to do in the Winter time, but there are always things on my list of things I'd at least like to try and do!    If you're stuck for some ideas - have a look at my own Winter… Continue reading Winter Bucket List

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Halloween Cupcakes

I'm not a hugely experienced baker, and so I frequently buy box-mixes to bake with. It's less mess, more convenient, and much more likely to turn out good than if I baked from scratch. Nevertheless, I did want to share my Halloween cupcakes with you, to inspire some Halloween baking for yourself! First, I headed to… Continue reading Halloween Cupcakes

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October Monthly Favourites

This year is just going way too fast, isn't it?    Here's some of the things I've been absolutely loving so far this spooky season. Costa Coffee Toppers When Christmas shopping recently, I saw these on the shelf and could not resist picking them up! I'm not a coffee drinker, but I love a good… Continue reading October Monthly Favourites

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What to Pack for Autumn in Amsterdam

Here I am, coming at you with yet another Amsterdam-related post. Are you bored yet? Are you still here? Okay cool... So, of course, I recently travelled to Amsterdam with my boyfriend and we had a brilliant time, but one thing to note was: the weather.    I thought I'd put together a simple little… Continue reading What to Pack for Autumn in Amsterdam

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My Favourite Autumn Jumpers

One of my favourite things about Autumn is being able to wear my favourite cosy jumpers.     I recently let them all come out of hiding and settle back into my wardrobe, and with the current weather conditions, I'm definitely getting some decent wear out of them already! Blush Pink High Neck Jumper - New… Continue reading My Favourite Autumn Jumpers


Amsterdam | Day One

The time has finally come to be able to write about my trip to Amsterdam. It feels like I've been talking about it for so long now; I can't believe it has been and gone. This was my first trip out of the country with my boyfriend, and my first trip without my parents, so… Continue reading Amsterdam | Day One