Fall Date Ideas

Fall is such a beautiful season, and there are so many opportunities for a lovely, romantic date. 
   So, if you’re short on ideas, here are some ways you can enjoy dating this Autumn season!

Pumpkin Patch
Locate your nearest pumpkin patch, wrap up in all your favourite Autumn clothes, grab a camera, and get going.
   Pumpkin patches have the most beautiful atmosphere to them, and oftentimes have more than just pumpkins; some have cafes where you can enjoy some seasonal hot drinks, you may find a hay ride, and some pumpkin-themed games.
   Even if there are just pumpkins though, hold a competition for who can find the best one, or take some fall-themed photos.

Pumpkin Carving / Decorating
Once you have picked out your best pumpkins and returned them home safely, decide if you will be carving or decorating them. 
   Get kitted out with your carving or decorating equipment, and get creative. No peeking at your date’s pumpkin though!

Cosy Cafe
When the weather is a little chilly but still nice enough to venture outside, find a lovely local cafe to cosy up in. 
   Perhaps take a book to enjoy for a little while alongside your favourite seasonal drink, and try and nab a window seat too.

Haunted House / Halloween Event
For the chance to get a little bit closer, head to a Halloween event or haunted house and get your spook on. Do some research and find out where and when the events will be on, choose someone whose hand you want to hold, and make it a date!

Pottery Painting
Perfect for a rainy day – find out if any of your local cafes offer pottery painting, and head there when it’s a little gloomy. 
   Bonus points if you paint something Halloween / Autumn themed, and see who does the best painting.
Whilst you’re at it, enjoy a slice of cake and a nice hot drink.

Autumnal Walk
When it’s not too cold, pull on your walking boots, grab a camera, and head out on a scenic Autumn walk to see the season’s colours. 
   Choose somewhere with the most trees for extra leaf crunching, and don’t forget to snap some photos too.

Another saviour when the weather is glum; head to your local supermarket to buy all the best ingredients for your sweet or savoury treats, put on some music, and get cooking. 
   Whether it’s a seasonal pie, a brownie graveyard, or some yummy cookies, it will definitely leave your house with a gorgeous Autumn scent too.

Movie Theatre
If there are any horror movies showing, book a ticket and head to the cinema.
   Choose the best buttered popcorn, get comfortable, and enjoy!

Movie Night In
If you’d rather enjoy a movie at home, though, cosy up on the couch and put together a mini scary movie marathon instead.

Go on a Weekend Break
If you have the time and money to spare, get away on a weekend break.
   Enjoy the Autumn in your own country, or go slightly further afield and experience the season elsewhere.

Escape Room
Perfect for small group-dates! Grab a date and a few friends and try your luck in an escape room. There are usually more on offer than you’d think, so do a little research and find out where they are, and what storylines you can do. Choose the one most fitting for the season and see if you can escape.

Horse Riding
If you’re a little more adventurous, head to your local riding stables and enjoy a relaxing hack – another great way to see the Autumn scenery.
   Or, for a little more dedication and if you’re less experienced, take up some riding lessons this fall season – it’s a great way to get you outdoors!

Scenic Drive
Hop in the car and see the scenery from the comfort of a heated seat. Whether you head out early to watch the sunrise, drive around late-afternoon for the sunset, or go out late to stargaze, take a travel mug with your favourite hot drink, or even hit up a drive through, put on some Autumn tunes and enjoy a seasonal drive.

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