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Typo Shop Haul

I went to Southampton a while ago to buy some house-bits in Ikea, and whilst I was there, I stumbled upon Typo’s store in West Quay Mall.
   When I looked through the window, I just had to go in, and I did a fair bit of shopping there, plus online when I got home, and so I thought I’d share my little haul with you!

Typo is a homeware, gifting, and stationery brand from Australia, that has branched out worldwide to countries including the UK, Brazil, the United States, Singapore, New Zealand, and more.
   I had absolutely no idea they had a store in Southampton, and after seeing some of their products on ASOS every now and again, I was so excited to find them.

So, here’s what I bought:

Monstera Print & Planisphere Celeste Map Print A4 Campus Notebook – £6 each
I purchased these online in their 2 for £8 offer, making each notebook just £4.
If you purchase stationery yourself, you may know just how outrageously expensive notebooks can be, and so this 2 for £8 offer, to me, is amazing value – especially for the quality of these notebooks!
I absolutely love the prints on the cover, the pages, and the pocket dividers throughout, so I’ll definitely be buying notebooks from Typo in the future.

Archer Pencil Case Monstera Print – £6
Since buying this, I have actually realised it’s missing the zip for the pocket on the front, however I spoke to their customer service department and I can take it back any time and get a new one – which is fab customer service if you ask me, as Southampton isn’t close enough for me to just pop back!
   Other than that though, I love this pencil case as it matches the print of my notebook perfectly, and is a great size to fit a decent amount of stationery in.

Monstera Print ‘Cushy Cushion’ – £8
If you haven’t already noticed, there’s a bit of a theme to my purchases going on here…
   This lovely cushion matches my pencil case and notebook, and is super comfortable. To make things even better, I picked this up online in their sale for just £3.00! For that price, you really can’t go wrong, so I’m super happy with this product.

The Refresher Drinks Bottle, Jungle Floral Print – £6.00
On the topic of bargains, I also purchased this waterbottle for just £2.00, which is insane if you ask me.
   The downsides to this bottle are few: it’s plastic, and it’s not dishwasher safe – but for £2.00 I really can’t complain, and I know I will get a lot of use out of this, or I may even add it to a giveaway if I do one!
   The print on this bottle is lovely, and it’s much more lightweight than taking out a Chillys Bottle with me, so I’m pretty happy with this purchase too.

X-Body Travel Wallet – £25.00
I’ve been looking for a multi-use travel wallet for so long now in preparation for my upcoming trip to Amsterdam (and any future trips after that), and although I had looked on Amazon, I couldn’t find any I loved for a good price.
   I stumbled upon this one completely by chance, and it had 60% off meaning it was just £10.00! This wallet is perfect as it has a compartment for cards, cash, your passport, boarding passes, and more. It also has a detachable shoulder strap which is so convenient!

4Pc Luggage Packing Cells – £20.00
Like the travel wallet, I had been looking for packing cubes / cells for so long, so these were instantly added to my bag when I saw them! I bought the pink ones on sale for just £10.00 – these don’t seem to be available in pink anymore, however they are available in blue.
   The pack consists of one patterned large bag, and three pink bags of various sizes: medium, small, and extra small. These will be perfect for packing my suitcase for future trips, as the variety of sizes makes it much easier to pack suitable things in each one. I can’t wait to use them!

Quick Desk Drawer Storage – £12.00
Another thing I picked up in the sale (for just £6.00) was this desk drawer storage set in the print ‘Shit I Cannot Lose’. This is made up of a leaf-patterned drawer, a black quote drawer which says ‘Shit I Cannot Lose’, a dalmatian print drawer, and another quote drawer which says “Bits & Pieces”.
   This is very much at home on my desk, and helps me keep my desk much more organised and clutter-free, so I’m really glad I picked this up online!
They do also have the “purple marble” print which is a dark purple colour, which is a  celestial / witchy / marble theme that I also love, but the one I bought fits my decor much better.

Large Instant Magnet Pack – £8.00
The final plant-print product I bought this time around is this pack of Polaroid Magnets in ‘plant lover’ print. 
   Although they’re slightly bigger than my Instax Square film, they still look fab framing my pictures, and they also make a nice frame for any notes I leave myself on my whiteboard!
   These were definitely a spontaneous purchase, but they were too cute to resist.

‘Anytime’ Mugs – £3.50
I bought two mugs in their ‘2 for £6’ offer, however it turned out the ‘Mickey Mouse’ design was on sale for £2.00, and so the ‘Toy Story’ mug I bought for £3.50 meant I got two for £5.50 – so I guess I cheated the system there!
   My favourite of these two mugs is easily the little winking Mickey Mouse, and I’ve seen so many more mugs on their website I’d love to add to my mug collection (despite technically being on a mug-buying ban). I guess it’s time to do a little ‘out with the old, in with the new’ mug cleanse!

And there we are; the first many of many more products I’ll be buying from Typo…please…someone take my card away from me before it gets out of hand!

What’s your favourite product I bought?

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10 thoughts on “Typo Shop Haul”

  1. 5/6 years ago I went through a real Typo phase and was obsessed with browsing their online store. I haven’t been into one for a while now but do like to pop in when I’m passing. Don’t have one in my city sadly.

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