Autumn Bucket List [Blogtober Day 2]

In order to use Autumn as an excuse to try new things, I’ve compiled a ‘bucket list’ for the month of October. If you’re wondering what you’re going to do with your day now that Summer’s over, keep reading!


Day 2 of 31

Welcome to day two of Blogtober!

With the seasons changing, daily activities have to adapt to the weather outside, and it’s the perfect time to welcome new opportunities.
   In the middle of Summer, can I carve a pumpkin whilst drinking a pumpkin spice latte? Not likely – but in Autumn, pumpkins become a main ingredient in pretty much everything!
   In June, can I walk down the street and listen to the leaves crunching beneath my feet? Nope! In October, however, these red and orange leaves cover the ground like spilt confetti.
   In order to use Autumn as an excuse to try new things, I’ve compiled a kind of ‘bucket list’ for the month of October. So, if you’re wondering what you’re going to do with your day now that Summer’s over, keep reading.


  1. Paint a Pumpkin
    I’ve always loved carving pumpkins, and my mum has always hated the mess that comes along with doing so; unfortunately, there’s not really any way of carving a pumpkin without covering the countertop in slippery seeds and pumpkin guts, so unless I give up my pumpkin carving tradition, the messiness is inevitable.
       This year, however, after spending god knows how many hours scrolling through Pinterest, I’ve seen pictures of pumpkins which have been painted, rather than carved.
       The paintings look far better than my failed attempts at carving intricate designs into such an awkward canvas, and there’s much less mess, so this Autumn I’d love to experiment with pumpkin painting instead.
  2. Bake using Pumpkin Ingredients
    As someone who doesn’t like coffee, no matter the flavour, I do feel like I’m missing out every Autumn when Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back in season.
       Pumpkin flavours are probably the ultimate way to get into the Autumn spirit, but that’s something I’ve never experienced.
       So, instead of missing out, I’d love to find some recipes involving pumpkins – perhaps in the form of cookies, cakes, or pies!
  3. Eat Homemade Soup
    The last time I made my own soup was in a middle school cookery lesson when I was probably eleven or twelve years old. I paired up with a girl called Summer and came up with a lovely vegetable soup recipe, consisting of (from what I can remember) broccoli, carrots, potato, and various other vegetables. It tasted great, despite being very, very green.
       This Autumn, when the weather starts getting a little gloomy, I’d like to make some sort of chicken and vegetable soup, instead of buying it in a can.
  4. Have a Halloween Get Together with Friends
    Whenever I’ve been to a Halloween party, it’s always been hosted by family or friends. I’m not a party person, as such, and I certainly don’t have a big enough house or friendship group to throw a massive party, but I’d love to have a quiet evening in with a few close friends.
       I’ve been planning it for a while, and hopefully, I’ll be spending Halloween at home with my boyfriend, best friend and her boyfriend, watching scary movies, and eating way too many sweets.
  5. Participate in Blogtober
    As I mentioned in my introduction post to Blogtober, I’ve experienced a blogging slump in the past few months. My old blog, ‘Thirteen Purple Roses’, did fairly well for the short amount of time I used it, and I posted much more frequently than I do now.
       For this reason, participating in Blogtober this Autumn seemed like a good way of getting some inspiration and uploading some posts to get me back into writing and blogging.
  6. Watch Classic Halloween/Horror Movies
    I’ve seen a fair few horror movies in the past few years, but my Netflix Watch List is longer than ever, and I’ve had countless movie recommendations from family and friends.
       This Halloween I’d love to make a short list of horror movies, ones which are considered iconic or classic, and actually watch them…probably with someone else…I scare easily.
  7. Go on More Long Walks
    My boyfriend and I went through a phase of taking my two little dogs on long walks through the woods and over the hills, a short drive from my house. However, with work, college, and a short weekend trip away, we kind of got out of the habit.
       Long walks are a great way to get out into the fresh air, instead of being cooped up in my bedroom; and with the beautiful autumn scenery popping up, painting the trees all sorts of reds and oranges, I’d love to take more regular walks, and snap some photos along the way!
  8. Get Back into Reading
    Like writing, reading is something I’ve stopped doing over the past few months. Last year, I read so many books and wrote all the time, but for whatever reason, I no longer have the inspiration or motivation.
       This October, I’d love to get back into reading, and have more quiet-reading-time to myself. I’d love to read a lot more next year and start using my Kindle again too, so starting now gives me enough time to get back into a routine!
       I have a few books which are practically begging me to read them, and a sister who’s begging me to hurry up with one in particular so she can read it herself, so I’d better get a move on!
  9. Embrace Self-Care
    As the weather gets colder, and the days get darker, it becomes much more important to me to take care of my hair, skin, and mental health.
       Cold weather, rain, and wind ruin my hair, and I always end up with a horrible cold. Every Autumn I end up falling even more in love with warm baths, fluffy blankets, and cosy socks!
       Self-Care is important all-year round, but over the next month, I’d love to incorporate it into my day to day life as much as possible, and really embrace comfort and happiness.
  10. Enjoy an Autumn-Inspired Date
    Over the past few weeks, I’ve read so many blog posts about Autumn-inspired date nights, or Autumn activities to enjoy with your significant other.
    My boyfriend and I do go on a reasonable amount of dates, and we’re always going out for dinner with our friends, but I’d love to come up with some ideas of things he and I can do on our own, even indoors, which won’t cost too much money.

       There are some great suggestions on Pinterest that involve a quiet night in, baking treats or cooking nice dinners, all of which are themed around Autumn and Halloween, incorporating seasonal recipes.
    Perhaps I could even kill two birds with one stone and do some Autumn baking with my boyfriend!

And that’s it! There’s a list of ten things to do this Autumn, in the form of an Autumn Bucket List. Hopefully, this was helpful if you were looking for ideas for your own Autumn Bucket List!

Have you done any of the things on this list? What are some things on your Autumn Bucket List? Do you have any movie/book/Autumn suggestions for me? Leave your answers in the comments! 

I’ll be back tomorrow with another Blogtober post, but until then, thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post. 


My Favourite TV Shows

In today’s post, I thought I’d compile a short list of my seven favourite TV shows (in no particular order), so if you are just as much a Netflix binger as I am, keep on reading!

Like most people, I have watched my fair share of TV shows. Some were incredible, some were good, some were bearable, and some were just plain awful *cough, Riverdale, cough*.
When it comes to my favourite TV shows though, one always comes out on top, and the others follow as a joint close-second because I simply cannot choose from so many great series.
In today’s post, I thought I’d compile a short list of my seven favourite TV shows (in no particular order), so if you are just as much a Netflix binger as I am, keep on reading!

1. ‘Friends’
Ah, yes, the 90s/early 00s classic. A show loved and cherished by pretty much everyone. How could this not make my list?
‘Friends’ is just one of those shows you can watch at any given moment. Whether you’ve just woken up, or if you’re getting ready for work in the morning, you’re eating dinner, or you’re channel surfing, the chances are you’ll end up putting on an episode or two (…maybe three…okay four…FINE five). Why? Well, because it’s such an easy show to watch.
Yes, okay, in 2017 some of the show’s topics, scripts, and characters can be considered a little problematic (I’m looking at you, Ross. And of course, Joey…maybe Chandler too), but this show is one of the funniest and most loveable out there.
Despite the final tenth season being all the way back in 2004, when I was no more than five years old, ‘Friends’ has managed to sneak its way into my heart and stay there, probably forever.
‘Friends’ has become a timeless classic, and who knows how many future generations will add this to their favourites list too?

2. ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’
Once again, another brilliant 90s classic to add to the list.
This six-season long series starring Will Smith, who plays a teen from Philadelphia sent to live in his uncle’s mansion in Bel-Air, is another show that has managed to work its way from the hearts of 90s teens to the new teens of 2017.
Like ‘Friends’, ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ is funny and light-hearted, but it also manages to touch on some serious, more emotional topics, such as racism, sexism, gun violence, and parental neglect, topics which are still important and relevant to this day.
Though this show has its fair share of imperfections (such as the recasting of Aunt Vivian from Janet Hubert-Whitten to Daphne Maxwell Reid four or five seasons in, and the reused footage of Jazz being thrown from the door of the Banks’ home), it is still a treasured part of 90s pop culture, and will always be one of my favourite shows.

3. ‘How I Met Your Mother’
This nine-season-comedy starring Josh Radnor, Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, and Alyson Hannigan is another easy show to watch.
Like ‘Friends’, it follows a group of five friends in their everyday lives, contributing to the main plot of allowing Ted to explain to his children how he met their mother…which for some reason takes him nine whole seasons.
‘How I Met Your Mother’ began in 2005, one year after ‘Friends’ ended, and most likely filled the ‘Friends’-shaped void in many people’s hearts.
I was a little defensive at first, thinking it was more of a copy-cat show than anything else, but the characters, humour, and storylines grew on me instantly!
Perhaps my favourite thing about this show is the ongoing jokes (slap bet, “Suit up”, “Haaaaaaave you met Ted?”, Barney’s blog, the Canada jokes, and so many more), or the references to my favourite 80s movies (The Breakfast Club, and Dirty Dancing).
Not many shows have me laughing at every single joke, but this one does, so it must be on my list.

4. ‘Breaking Bad’
At first, the thought of even attempting to watch Breaking Bad was enough to make me not want to watch it. For some reason, the popularity of this show made me despise all talk about it, and I was convinced it wouldn’t be my cup of tea. Boy, was I wrong.
The show follows the life of chemistry teacher Walter White as he goes through a lung cancer diagnosis, and secretly teams up with his ex-student to cook and sell methamphetamine for money to leave his family if he dies.
I don’t know why I thought a show in the crime/drama/thriller genre wouldn’t appeal to me, seeing as I am a huge, huge, fan of crime films, books, and documentaries, (you name it, I’m obsessed with it) but it is clear to me now that I have never been more wrong in my entire life.
My boyfriend and I are quickly making our way through the seasons on Netflix. It’s been about a week and we’re on season three already, because we have no self-control, and cannot say no when the next episode plays automatically.
But, really, there’s something amazing about Breaking Bad. It’s funny, weird, and pretty darn random at times, but the storyline is unlike any other show on TV…and it’s probably the only show on TV that will make you consider dropping everything to go and cook meth. Just kidding…sort of.
Side note, I don’t know why I am so in love with Jesse Pinkman, but I am…so, of course, Breaking Bad has quickly become a favourite of mine.

5. ‘11.22.63’
Okay, so, this next one is more of a mini-series than a full-on multi-season TV show, but it was brilliant and cannot be left off this list.
‘11.22.63’ is an adaption of the Stephen King novel of the same name. It stars James Franco as high school teacher, Jake Epping, who travels back in time to the 1960s on a mission to prevent the assassination of President J.F.K.
I am a lover of a few things that collectively made this TV show an absolute must-watch for me: Stephen King, history, crime, and James Franco.
Though I am usually one to read the books before watching the show/movie, I didn’t do that with ‘11.22.63’ as I was much too desperate to see it, but I am currently reading and enjoying the book.
I watched this show as the eight episodes aired on TV, and let me tell you, waiting a week for the next episode was horrible as I was always left wanting more. I wish I had been able to watch all eight episodes in one go because the plot was so addictive!
I am constantly recommending this show to friends and family, and it’s definitely a favourite of mine.

6. Parks and Recreation
‘Parks and Rec’ is an American comedy series which follows the antics of the Parks Department officials in Pawnee, Indiana.
This show has been very hit and miss with those I’ve shared it with, as many of my friends don’t quite understand the humour, or don’t find the documentary-style TV shows (similar to The Office) funny.
I, however, find ‘Parks and Rec’ hilarious, and have had to talk about it with my American cousins instead of my friends.
I don’t quite understand how my friends don’t find this show funny, especially with characters like Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe), Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman), Tom Haverford (Aziz Ansari), and Andy Dwyer/Burt Macklin, F.B.I (Chris Pratt), but really, it’s their loss.
The episodes are short, but with seven seasons there’s a lot to watch, so if you’re looking for a good comedy with great characters and even better blooper footage, then ‘Parks and Recreation’ is the show for you.

7. ‘The Walking Dead’
And here we are at favourite show number seven, the show that is always at the top of my favourites list and has been since 2010.
Here, I saved the best ‘til last. Sit back, and prepare yourself…because I could write a forty-page essay on how much I love this show.
The Walking Dead is so much more than ‘just a show about zombies’, but, yes, it is, in fact, a show about zombies. It’s set in the state of Georgia during the zombie apocalypse, in which Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma after being shot while on duty as a sheriff in Atlanta, and has to survive in a world he no longer knows.
This show probably has the best cast, too. They’re all absolute angels and are the nicest people on the planet.
The cast members are constantly changing, but there’s always a big crowd of characters to keep you interested, even though (sadly) only a small handful of the characters from season one have made it all the way to the show’s most recent season, season seven.
Like I said, this show is not just a show about zombies. It’s a show about family, survival, conflict, and so much more.
Plus, if you like horror, gore, and more gore, then it’s a must-watch for sure. There’s a little bit of added humour too, thanks to Abraham, Eugene, and Negan, so when you’re just about ready to curl up in a ball and cry because once again your favourite character died, the humour is welcomed with open arms.

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed reading this post. 
Let me know down in the comments what your favourite TV show is, and if you’d like more posts like this!

Thank you for reading. 
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