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October Monthly Favourites

This year is just going way too fast, isn't it?    Here's some of the things I've been absolutely loving so far this spooky season. Costa Coffee Toppers When Christmas shopping recently, I saw these on the shelf and could not resist picking them up! I'm not a coffee drinker, but I love a good… Continue reading October Monthly Favourites

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My Favourite Autumn Jumpers

One of my favourite things about Autumn is being able to wear my favourite cosy jumpers.     I recently let them all come out of hiding and settle back into my wardrobe, and with the current weather conditions, I'm definitely getting some decent wear out of them already! Blush Pink High Neck Jumper - New… Continue reading My Favourite Autumn Jumpers

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October Reading Recommendations

The Bone Keeper by Luca Veste You can read my full review for this book from last Blogtober here, but I couldn't write this post without giving this book a mention.    This was the perfect book to read in the Halloween season, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who loves a crime /… Continue reading October Reading Recommendations

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September Monthly Favourites

September is over, which means one thing: Spooky Season is finally here! So, it's time to say goodbye to September and hello to Spooktober. Here's what I loved this month. Yorkshire Tea - Bedtime Tea A colleague at work had been raving about this tea for so long, and when I saw it on offer… Continue reading September Monthly Favourites

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August Monthly Favourites

Summer is nearly over, and Autumn is almost on it's way. It's that time of year that is super conflicting, but it's been a pretty good Summer regardless.    It's about time for another Monthly Favourites post, this time, for August - so let's get into what I've been loving. Jumper - Top Shop You… Continue reading August Monthly Favourites

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July Monthly Favourites

We're now more than halfway through 2019, and as unbelievable as that is to me, I'm happy to bring another Monthly Favourites Post to my blog.    There were so many things I absolutely loved this month, and I've been impatiently waiting to share them with you. Stranger Things Season Three This was one of… Continue reading July Monthly Favourites


May Monthly Favourites

This month, I’m switching things up a little with my monthly favourites post, as I haven’t really been using anything different!   So, this month, instead of recommending a variety of products / general things I’ve been loving, I thought I’d share my Netflix recommendations instead.