Fall Date Ideas

Fall is such a beautiful season, and there are so many opportunities for a lovely, romantic date.     So, if you're short on ideas, here are some ways you can enjoy dating this Autumn season! Pumpkin Patch Locate your nearest pumpkin patch, wrap up in all your favourite Autumn clothes, grab a camera, and get… Continue reading Fall Date Ideas

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October Monthly Favourites

This year is just going way too fast, isn't it?    Here's some of the things I've been absolutely loving so far this spooky season. Costa Coffee Toppers When Christmas shopping recently, I saw these on the shelf and could not resist picking them up! I'm not a coffee drinker, but I love a good… Continue reading October Monthly Favourites


Autumn Netflix Recommendations

Unbelievable This is a based-on-true-events mini series, added to Netflix in September. I watched the first couple of episodes at a friend's house and I couldn't resist finishing it when I got home! It's definitely not a lighthearted, relaxed watch,  but if you're into true crime and can handle a heavy plotline, I couldn't recommend… Continue reading Autumn Netflix Recommendations

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October Reading Recommendations

The Bone Keeper by Luca Veste You can read my full review for this book from last Blogtober here, but I couldn't write this post without giving this book a mention.    This was the perfect book to read in the Halloween season, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who loves a crime /… Continue reading October Reading Recommendations


My Autumn Playlist

Autumn is a tricky season for me; as much as I love the cosiness of big jumpers, blankets, and hot drinks, the weather really gets me down.     There are a few things I do to combat the doom and gloom side to Autumn, and one of those things is making a playlist of songs… Continue reading My Autumn Playlist


Not-So-Scary Movies to Watch this Fall

I love a good movie, but I love them even more when it’s rainy outside and I can curl up on the sofa with a blanket and a cup of tea. As there’s plenty of rainy days in the Autumn months, I’ve put together a list of movies that give me Autumn-vibes, perfect for rainy-day… Continue reading Not-So-Scary Movies to Watch this Fall

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Things to Do in Autumn

Autumn can often bring with it some miserable weather, and so it can be hard to find things to do throughout the season. There's plenty of fun to be had despite the cold or rain, and here’s just a few things you can do. Pottery Painting I did this myself in the Summer but it’s… Continue reading Things to Do in Autumn