Things I Am Afraid Of

Why am I so afraid of the things I'm afraid of? What do I think is going to happen if I encounter these things? God knows. But either way, they scare the shit out of me!  So what exactly am I afraid of?


June 2018 ~ Things I’m Looking Forward To

Like everyone else, I really cannot believe it is June already! This year is flying by faster than I can figure out what to do with it!  Here's what I'm looking forward to in June 2018!

Self-Care and Well-Being

Mental Health

With it being mental health awareness week, I thought I would write a post related to that, as mental health is so, so important to general health and wellbeing, yet it is too often ignored and not taken seriously, which is why it remains a growing issue.

Self-Care and Well-Being

Nobody Has Their Sh*t Together

It’s all well and good scrolling through Instagram seeing all these travel bloggers in a new destination every week, or people you know doing things you couldn’t even imagine - as long as you remember: No one has their shit together...and that’s okay!


Walker Stalker Con London 2018 – Day 2

March 11th marked the second and final day of Walker Stalker.   Though we weren’t looking forward to our weekend being over, we were looking forward to this day in particular...Find out why!