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Looking After your Mental Health on Social Media

Social media, as much as it can be a beautiful thing, has a dark side. As much as many people hate to admit it, social media has a huge influence over our day to day lives, and we often spend much more time on social media than we should. I know I spend way too… Continue reading Looking After your Mental Health on Social Media

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Tips for Travelling with Anxiety

I’ve had anxiety for as long as I can remember, and over the years there have been different obstacles I’ve had to overcome; getting my first job a few years ago, getting a new job which involves regularly speaking on the phone, going on induction / training courses hours away from home on my own,… Continue reading Tips for Travelling with Anxiety

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Overcoming My Anxieties

Anxiety is a tricky thing; even the smallest of things can feel like the hugest obstacle. There are so many "little" things that have caused me a massive amount of anxiety in the past - but here's a few things I've overcome!

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Habits to Introduce in 2019

Following on from one of my recent posts, Habits to Break in 2019, I thought I'd write another post coming in from a different angle: Habits to Introduce in 2019, as one good method for breaking bad habits, is to replace them with new (and more positive) ones.

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How To Embrace ‘Hygge’ This Winter

First of all, what is 'Hygge'? Hygge is often described as a Danish word which translates more into a feeling as opposed to an exact English word. That feeling is a sense of coziness and comfort, with feelings of wellness and contentment.

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5 Ways to Boost your Mood this Fall

Blogtober 2018 As much as I love and enjoy the Autumn, it can certainly take a toll on my mood. I'm sure the feeling is mutual for many people, and so I wanted to share five ways you can boost your mood during the Autumn season. Become a Morning Person As the days get shorter… Continue reading 5 Ways to Boost your Mood this Fall

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My Experience: Mental Health Diagnosis

My mental health is something I have been dealing with for as long as I can remember.  Starting the conversation can often be one of the hardest parts - but once it's out in the open, it's much easier to handle.